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Life has been busy, but I am currently on vacation which has been wonderfully lazy. I’ve spent most of the week listening to books, loafing and doing some crochet. Been nice to not have to work or rush around. The weather has been crappy. The ice has been evil, makes the roads crappy to drive on. Luckily I haven’t really had to go anywhere. Well, done some travelling but has been local. Read the rest of this entry


Looking Forward

There’s a lot coming up for me.

This Friday we are going to New York to visit a college that Dragon is interested in. Long drive.  Read the rest of this entry

Home Again

We arrived home in the wee hours of the morning today after a long day of travel. Something that has brought to my awareness is the immediacy that we have come to expect in our fast food culture. There are times that we have forgotten the amazing connection that we have with the world. In the days prior to cars and planes, it would be unlikely that I would even know about events in California let alone travel to them. Yet, my sense of this travel is still Read the rest of this entry

IOCDF Conference

What is IOCDF? International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation. Their goal is to create a community that includes providers, family and those with OCD. They work towards breaking down stigma and promote research. You check out their site over here. Read the rest of this entry


Long day of travel. I woke up at 2330 (yesterday) and got on the go at 0130. Didn’t arrive at the hotel until 1230. There is a time difference that adds two hours to all of this. Yeah, I hate traveling. It’s one of those things that seems to be tedious for the sake of tedium. Started with a drive to the airport. About 2 hours. This was not too bad. Talked Read the rest of this entry

And Back Again…

Just like that, vacation is over and I’m back to work. It was a nice vacation. I enjoyed not having an agenda and not having to solve any problems. I did quite a bit of reading. Finished one book and got half way through another. I did some drawing. Got 2 more coloring pages completed. But mostly, I loafed and chatted with the good company around me. The food was great and I didn’t have to cook any of it (which always makes it taste better). The long drive wasn’t even bad. We listened to an audio book. Read the rest of this entry


Slept until 1030. Slept really well. I needed it. Got 8 hours of sleep. Haven’t slept that well all trip. We left the hotel at 1200 after getting some breakfast into us. Well, maybe lunch?

More driving.

Stopped at a restaurant called Perkins for supper in Matamoras Pennsylvania. It was a Denny’s like place. The food was good.

We hit intermittent rain on the way home. Made driving a pain in the ass. Slowed us down quite a lot. There was also a lot of construction.

We chatted for some of the ride but mostly listened to the 2nd Hunger Games book. I’ve been enjoying it.

Made a few stops for bathroom and coffee but those were quick. The breaks gave us a chance to stretch too, which was nice.


Lots of driving. Munchies in route. Listened to books. Finished “An Ember in the Ashes.” It was a good book. I’ll do a review of it at some point. Started the 2nd Hunger Games book. Good so far. Got to the hotel at 0200. We’re at the 1/2 way point.


Slept in later then we have been, but I got only about 2 hours of sleep last night. I just couldn’t sleep. Watched TV, surfed the internet. Talked with Toadie on facebook messages.

Went to a pizza place with Jason and Sue. There was a buffet with pizza, breads and salad. It was pretty good.

Then we went to their house. Played board games Didn’t visit very long because we needed to pack.

I took a nap when we got back. I was really tired. Read the rest of this entry


Today we went to Kansas Museum of History. It was packed! I felt saturated when I got through most of it. I had some left, but I just got restless and lost interest. I look a bunch of photos but not of everything like I usually do. There was just too much stuff.

Then we went to a Japanese restaurant but it wasn’t open. Disappointing. But it was in a little mall place and we got to see some pretty fish. Course Dragon and I took pictures. There was a yarn shop but I didn’t buy any yarn because it was over priced. I took some pictures of the companies and I will see what they cost if I buy directly. Maybe they are just expensive brands.

We did find a restaurant to go to. A place Monkey used to go when a kid. It was a good place. Out of 5 stars: I give it 4 stars for the food, 3 stars for the atmosphere and 3 stars for the staff.

Then back to the hotel. I took a nap until they woke me up with foolishness. Annoying. No idea if I will get back to sleep now. It’s 2245 and, as always, we have tomorrow all planned out. We have packing to do and a lunch planned with his mom.



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