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6 Years…

Wow, I’ve blogging here for 6 years. Doesn’t seem like it should be that long. Thank you all for reading. I appreciate all the comments and messages.



Giving thanks,
I stand before thee.
For this life that you gave me,
the husband that I love
and the child that we created.
Grateful, I look at my family. (more…)

Picture Prompts

I personally find that there is always a story in a picture. When I look at art, I frequently find myself telling the story of the piece. That’s the major thing that has been keeping me going this month! I appreciate the prompts I have been getting from TBP. So, I want to return the favor and I’m going to be posting some pictures that I found over on DA. Use them to write or simply gaze upon the art that I found interesting. And, of course, I will be posting some writing that came from my DA wandering.

May the Muse always be with you!


Holy Shit!

This is post 400 🙂

The site has been getting busy and I am grateful to all of you that read my crazy and random posts. Here’s some of the numbers: Read the rest of this entry

Thanks Giving

This is the time of year that we are supposed to set aside time to spend with our families and to remind each other of the things that we have. It is easy to get caught up in the tangled list of things that are broken, lost, missing or wished for. Some how, it is so easy to loose sight of the things that are right in our grasp that can give us happiness if we were just wise enough to notice. So, today, I list the things that matter. Read the rest of this entry

So, Here’s the Update…

First, I want to thank all of you for the e-mails, IMs and posts on face book. I really appreciate that I have been in people’s thoughts and hearts. Because of the number of messages, there is no way to respond to all of you with private messages. Thus, I figured I would write this blog to update all of you at once! It’s all about the efficiency 😉 Read the rest of this entry

The Last Time I Thanked Someone

Today. Everyday. I strongly believe it thanking people for the things that they do. It doesn’t matter how small the thing they do is. If it was helpful, thoughtful or kind, it deserves to be recognized with gratitude. You can never thank Read the rest of this entry


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