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Song that Reduces Anxiety by 65 Percent – Listen

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Squeezing stress balls not as effective as punching someone in the face, finds study.

lol. When I first saw the title of this post, I was horrified. But after reading it I just had a good laugh. Then I realized that I have to agree with her. There is something really powerful about giving someone a good slugging. But in the long run it just creates more problems.

And a Door Closes…

So, I’m done working at CR. There has been a storm of emotions and intellectual processing in response to this closing door. First, I feel relief that the stress I have been experiencing will be reduced. But I will miss the residents and co-workers. After nearly 7 years, they have become a family (even though I resisted it). They gave me a lovely going away party with thoughtful presents that reflected how well they have really come to know me. With this door closing, another has swung open for me. I have started orientation at PRN (haha, the initials are too funny!) and it has been going well. I might be at risk of being bored, but that is one way of reducing stress levels 😛 I think it will be better for my family. Read the rest of this entry


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