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Home Again

We arrived home in the wee hours of the morning today after a long day of travel. Something that has brought to my awareness is the immediacy that we have come to expect in our fast food culture. There are times that we have forgotten the amazing connection that we have with the world. In the days prior to cars and planes, it would be unlikely that I would even know about events in California let alone travel to them. Yet, my sense of this travel is still Read the rest of this entry



In the beginning there is trauma. Something terrible that happened. Something that marked the person deeply in a way that holds on. In many ways, that fight or flight response doesn’t turn off. It just keeps humming in the back ground; certain that something terrible could happen again at any moment. It is an experience that lingers and interferes with their everyday lives. It bites and gnaws; just not letting go. Read the rest of this entry

Why “I Am Bipolar” is NOT an Offensive Statement | bpHope – bp Magazine Community

Many people feel that saying “I am bipolar” is an offensive statement. Is there something to those thoughts or is the mental health community just overreacting?

Source: Why “I Am Bipolar” is NOT an Offensive Statement | bpHope – bp Magazine Community

I really cannot agree with this blog post more. I here this debate at work all the time and it really drives me into silent madness. The English language is strange, awkward and quirky. That’s just the way that it is. But trying to get people to reprogram the way that the English language works will do nothing to change the way Read the rest of this entry

Judging Choices

I had a lovely visitor to my site, 1Wise-Woman, so I went and checked out her site where I read this post: The Choice is Yours. 

I agree completely with what she had to say and recommend that you read it too. It got me thinking about medications in context of both my professional and personal lives. For those of you who have been following my blog for any amount of time, I’m sure that you already know where I stand on medications. But for the purposes of those who are newer to the Pig’s weird world (welcome) I figure I’ll start by giving my 2 cents on that. Read the rest of this entry

Stigma Trap

It’s Me, Isn’t It? My dream was to get a PhD. in Philosophy from either Vanderbilt or Princeton. I’d been accepted to both of their graduate / postgraduate programs. It was Spring. I had spent all my years since college saving and planning for this. My problems started out with a (relatively) simple emotional issue:…

via Stigma Fighters: It’s Me, Isn’t It? — STIGMA FIGHTERS

This is the trap of stigma. Those with mental illness often find themselves afraid. This is a dark and terrible part of our culture. Our society has built a world where people are afraid to have an illness. How terrible is that? Imagine if this fear applied to all illness. Part of the trap is that this fear feeds into the stigma. By hiding it, we suggest to those around us that there is a reason to hide.

In a society where appearance is everything, I find it exceedingly difficult to get people to see past my beauty and into my reality. I present myself well groomed, well-spoken and my affect is rarely inappropriate. Due to these factors, no one would presume I suffer from an assortment of severe and pervasive mental illnesses.…

via Lindsay Loch — STIGMA FIGHTERS

This post is amazing. There is no way that I could write anything better to express the realities of our culture and mental illness. Lindsay is a beautiful person. Not because of her physical form, but because of her resilience and her inner strength.

ADHD is Real (Part 2)

Didn’t realize that I would need a part 2. I finished the other piece and felt that I’d covered it pretty well. But as I was reading it over to do the touch ups, I kept finding myself wanting to add in little personal tidbits. But that wasn’t the post for that. In this post, I want to talk about my experience with those who have ADHD denial. There are 2 types of ADHD denial: those who deny the disorder and those who deny that I have it.

As far as encountering people that deny that the disorder is real, this has been mostly an online experience for me. I’ll be cruising along and come across some Read the rest of this entry

Stigma Fighters: Gabe Howard – STIGMA FIGHTERS

According to the internet, my friends, and mental health groups all over the world, I am a stigma fighter. I’m an elite, mentally ill stigma fighter looking to change the perception of mental illness in a single bound. I, of course, am not an elite anything, but I am a person with knowledge, lived experience, …

Source: Stigma Fighters: Gabe Howard – STIGMA FIGHTERS Read the rest of this entry

Self-Medicating ADHD

It is not uncommon for those with ADHD to self-medicate to try to control symptoms, especially prior to receiving a diagnosis. This may happen without the individual realizing that is what they are doing…

Source: Self-Medicating

So, I read this and it got me to thinking about how prevalent substance abuse is with ADHD. I myself am not immune. I consume caffeine and I smoke. Luckily, I Read the rest of this entry

Apples and Oranges

Look at the bright green gleaming peel. Those beautiful apples snuggled in the store’s bin. Next to them, in a second bin, lovely oranges. Each one with their little stickers are ready to be carried to the register and enjoyed. Which should you buy? Each is so wonderful. Look again at that little white sticker on the apple and peel it away. Put it on the orange. And take the orange’s sticker to give to that now naked Read the rest of this entry


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