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Another post from paper…

A boy in my daughter’s calss has died. A brain anyerisum, so at least it was mercifully quick. But how do you reconcile this? How do you comfort your own child when there are no answers to give? The universe is unkind and unfair. There is nothing else to say. It is. And now those left behind must begin the work of grieving and moving on. Sadly, everything is the same. My daughter is silent on the matter. It is hard to know what she is thinking and feeling. I worry for her. This is something no one should be asked to bear. But it has been demanded of us. Selfishly, I am glad that it wasn’t my daughter. Just being reminded of her mortality causes me pain. Such a darkness. The town has come together to support the family as best as can be expected. He always wore an orange bow tie and now there are orange ribbons all over town. Orange will never be the same again.



Well, I have to start by admitting that I have waffled greatly about this post. But I have decided that I’m going to put the info and my thoughts about it out there.

Julie and Ryan have decided that they will not be excepting our application as chairs for PCM14. The essential issue is that they feel we are not available enough to them and do not communicate well or enough with others. Read the rest of this entry



I want there to be meaning.

An answer Read the rest of this entry


I am breaking
and it should hurt
but it doesn’t Read the rest of this entry

Movie Review: Grave of the Fireflies


This movie is incredible. There are few movies that have ever moved me to tears, but this one had me balling. It is an exploration of the true costs of war. Read the rest of this entry

Regretting and spiraling downward…

That’s the story of my life. Up long enough for the fall. Its been a hell of a week. Seems I’ve managed to fuck up again. Seems like that’s all I know how to do. If there is a prefect being, some god that created us, I think he must have been in a hurry when he was making me. I am pretty sure he overlooked a few esential pieces. Things like tact and patience. Seems he filled those places with extra doses of bitch and Read the rest of this entry


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