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Giving thanks,
I stand before thee.
For this life that you gave me,
the husband that I love
and the child that we created.
Grateful, I look at my family. (more…)



The Hijacked Prompt


There were so many things that she simply could not understand about him. Looking at him, he seemed to be the model of what every woman would want in a man. But this was only on the surface. She knew Read the rest of this entry

12/3/14- Daily Prompt:

12/3/14- Daily Prompt:.

And now he would never know. There was nothing that could now be said between them. He touch the back of his father’s hand and wished that he had been there when the man had taken his last breath. But what difference would that have made? Could so many years of disfunction be corrected in a single moment? There were so many questions that he wished he had asked his father. Read the rest of this entry

If I Could Relive Any Day of My Life

There are a lot of days that a part of me would like to go back to. Times that were happy and wished that could last longer. Times that I opened my mouth when I should have kept it shut. Times I kept my mouth shut when I should have Read the rest of this entry


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