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Piggie Update 062915

Just got back from PCM15 and I am really tired. I hate a great time. Was the first time in a decade that I worked as RPG staff rather then the RPG chair. And you know? It was freaking great. It was nice not having to worry about all the little hiccups. I really enjoyed spending most of the con either running or playing an RPG. Participating in a con RPG is a completely different experience than playing in a set group of people. I enjoy it more in many ways. The biggest thing that I love about it is the complete unpredictability of it. There is no way to know who will be coming to the table, let alone what they will come up with while they are there. I might not give up on the con just yet after all…



I am at PortConMaine. I will tell you all about it when I get back!

Piggie Update 052115

So, there isn’t a whole lot new in the Piggie world. Work has still been great. I love my job and I am so glad that I found my way here. The family is doing well. Getting PCM15 adventures ready. Making good progress in that department. I have one of the 3 all ready to go and the characters for all 3 are all done. The rest of the week will be busy. There are 3 appointments, a gram visit and more work on the week end. That’s about all I can think of.

Learning (or Rembering) How to GM

So, I read Getting Your Sea Legs… and it got me to thinking about my own recent GM life.

Ok my fellow Nerds! I need to express my GM plight and/or woes… or maybe I’m just whining a bit. Either way, I am finding myself getting ready to sit in the GM chair again. I don’t do it very often. About once a year, at PCM. Other then that, I’m a player if I’m doing the whole RPG thing at all. So, I’ve dusted off my Modern d20 books and am diving into it all with the hope of producing something people with enjoy playing. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 051415?


I was supposed to give the update yesterday… I forgot… Got distracted… SQUIRREL! Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 042615

Things have been as busy as ever. I had this week off from work and L had it off from school. Didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I would like since I had appointments every day. Seems like I am never home. But that isn’t true. I have been home and have been able to spend time with both Eric and L. We’ve been playing Alien: Isolation for the PlayStation 4. I’ve really been loving it. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 020815

Not sure when I wrote my last update, but it seems that it has been a while…

So, my kid has turned 15. How the fuck does that happen? I’m sure I’m not old enough for her to be 15 already. Sigh. Where does time go? Despite time being a bandit, I am blessed. We have a beautiful daughter that is smart, funny and has a good heart. There really isn’t much more a parent could want from a kid. Read the rest of this entry


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