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Monkey’s Birthday

I’d like to take a few minutes to celebrate the blessings that have come into my life through the amazing man that I have the benefit of being married to. He tends to be a quiet man that can easily blend into the background, but he is amazing. His is a life that is worth modeling your own after. A life of kindness, compassion and love. Read the rest of this entry


Piggie Update 120714

Well, I’ll just get the worst of it out there. My grand father died the week of Thanks Giving. I am glad that my mom was able to get out there to see him before he died. I myself did not really know the man. So, my sadness is for my mom. I worry about how much taking this time off will effect her finances. I hope that mom and dad will be alright.

My husband, daughter and myself went out to Vermont for the week of Thanks Giving to visit my husband’s dad and his family. It was a nice visit. Had a shadow hanging over it, but it was still a nice trip.

Since I’ve been back, it has been about the same routine as always.

National Geographic: The Gospel of Judas


This is an excellent documentary that opens the door to consideration of some of the most basic christian teachings. This post really isn’t a review of the documentary, but rather a discussion of the implications and ideas presented within it. Read the rest of this entry

All I did was blink

All I did was blink

And I missed it

So, quick

And now it’s gone Read the rest of this entry


Whispered shadows,


Light kisses,

fall down from moon light skies. Read the rest of this entry

If I Could Relive Any Day of My Life

There are a lot of days that a part of me would like to go back to. Times that were happy and wished that could last longer. Times that I opened my mouth when I should have kept it shut. Times I kept my mouth shut when I should have Read the rest of this entry


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