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Dear Toadie,

This post is really for my sister, Toadie. But there are things I have to say that I want other parents to read, so I’m posting it rather then just writing her privately. In some ways, this is also a letter to myself. So, here goes:

First, I love you. Stop beating yourself up. There is no such thing as perfect and as much as we want to be, there is no possible way any one can be a perfect parent. We are limited by are humanity. But that is also a strength. As we struggle, we can show our children that you can conquer and work through problems. We can be Read the rest of this entry


Shaping Tomorrow

The quickest way to make your kid existentially impotent is to helicopter parent them. That’s right. Want to be sure that your kid can never do anything without you? Just hover over them and do everything for them. That’ll keep them from learning! But seriously… You need to give your kids room. Some where along the way, our culture has become afraid. We’ve become afraid of everything. So afraid that we want to stuff our kids into bubbles that will keep everything from ever hurting them and will let them be kids forever. Everything has to have round edges and padding. Well, that isn’t doing them any favors. Read the rest of this entry

Forever — Fowl Language Comics


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Parenting Poll

If you don’t know what the different plans are:

Read this:

And read my post that was in response to that article.

At what age do you think it’s appropriate for children to get —

I’m not big on picking “appropriate ages” for children to get privileges/responsibilities. Read the rest of this entry

Proud Parent

My daughter’s concert was today. She is in both band and chorus. Elspeth is very musically inclined. Something she did NOT get from me! 😛 Read the rest of this entry

Butterfly Effect

Even the beat of a butterfly’s wing can change the world…

I look around and see a culture that has fostered fear. We raise our children with paranoid attempts to wrap them in bubble wrap. We harbor delusions that we can protect them from the very world in which they live. We have forgotten Read the rest of this entry


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