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A Bright Red Scream

A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain 
by Marilee Strong

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Pathological Lying

Back in February, I wrote a blog post on Lying. In said post, I suggested that I would write another blog about lying. Well, here it is. This time I want to give a basic over view of some of the types of pathological lying. I will probably write another post in the future that focuses on Compulsive Lying, but I wanted to start with an overview of pathological lying. I think this is important because it will give you an idea what Compulsive Lying is not. Read the rest of this entry

No Reason

I find it frustrating when people expect there to be a rational reason behind my compulsions. If it was rational it wouldn’t be OCD. I do it because my brain says so. And I pick my battles. If it isn’t something that gets in the way, I let it be. It doesn’t matter that I tap light switches or turn spoons down or change my socks several times a day or check the clock a hundred times a day (yes, literally). These things don’t impair Read the rest of this entry

War of Rodents…

Let me start by introducing you to my beaver. Read the rest of this entry

What Psychologists Tell Us About Lying

What Psychologists Tell Us About Lying | Compulsive Lying Disorder

Just browsing around, I came across this article and started to consider what it had presented. It really didn’t have anything to say that I didn’t know. It just presents three of the theories behind compulsive lying and really lying in general. But it got me to thinking about the topic, which I have always found to be interesting. Figured I’d share some of my thoughts on the topic. Read the rest of this entry

The Dichotomy of My Mind


I don’t talk a whole a lot about my psychiatric disorders here. Or any where else. In a way, I am comfortable with the weirdness with in myself. I feel that I know it and have worn it like a familiar, well broken in pair of boots. But I have always struggled to talk about it in a meaningful way. It is difficult to talk about it in a manner that makes sense to other people. I usually just leave people giving me that vague, quizzical look. Or the one that suggests I have grown another head which happens to be of an alien variety. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 051216

As always, things are really busy around here. Seems like we are always buzzing about…

We are hoping to go to an SCA event this year (all assuming that I can get the time off from work and we are still waiting to hear on that one). Thus, we are sowing like crazy. We bought a lot of fabric. Some of it we special ordered and I can’t help but be worried that it won’t come in on time. But I have to trust that Read the rest of this entry

Mood Disorder NOS and OCD

I talk a lot about various mental illnesses and how we mental health professionals try to help those people regain control of their lives. Today, I want to get more personal then that. I have been writing this blog for a long while now and I have never directly discussed my own mental illness and the ways that it has effected my life. Read the rest of this entry


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