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A Little Better…

We found a supplemental dental insurance that has made our portion of Monkey’s dental work substantially less. While it is still expensive, it really takes off a lot of the pressure in trying to figure out how to pay for this. I am relieved because getting it done is super important. So, right now, I am just feeling a floating calm. It’s a pause in things. I am even waiting right now at work. The stillness is nice. I enjoy these moments in life when they come. Islands.



So, tipping. I’m not one who tips the majority of people that everyone else tips. Nope. I’m not a tipper.

I’m going to start by talking about waitresses. Waitresses I do tip. Only because they work for wages at a reduced amount with the assumption that they will get the remainder of their wages from their tips. I tip according to their service. My base tip rate is 10%. That is if they do the minimum function of their job. 5% is if they suck. 15% is if I feel Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 032116

Well, seems I’ve fallen off the planet over here again. >.<

Things have gotten busy again, but I suppose that is clear by my complete lack of babbling. I’ve picked up a lot of extra hours in the hope of being able to set aside some extra money so that we can do stuff this summer. Next week the Batman vs Superman is coming out and we are planning to go to a big showing. It will be a lot of fun, but it will be an extra on the wallet. Then there is El’s trip to a college program this summer which is another hit on the wallet. Then lilies out in Read the rest of this entry

Pink Slime?

It Came From the Media: What Prompted the Ruckus About “Pink Slime”? And Is It Unhealthy? | The Crux | Discover Magazine.

WARNING: Ok, I’m going to assume that you have read the linked article. I’m also going to suggest that you read the internal links in the article and float around the internet on the topic before you really get into the following blog I am writing. The reason that I suggest this is that is what I’ve personally done before arriving at my conclusion and my blog is going to be VERY opinionated and thus very biased. Read the rest of this entry

If I Made a Living from Art

Now that is a difficult choice; assuming that I could only choose one. I love arts and crafts. I do so many of them! I draw, paint, crochet, cross stitch, photography, and who knows what else 😛 Read the rest of this entry

If Money Were No Object

I truly love being a nurse and I don’t think that I would give it up even if I were not in need of the money. I think that being able to help other people is an amazing gift. It makes me feel like I am doing something that matters. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 071710

All my recent posts have been spawned from responding to the prompts at I figure its probably time for me to post another update on how things are going in my crazy life. The money has been really pretty tight, so we’ve had to cut back on some of the extras. That means that it will be even longer before we get the internet and WoW back. Sigh. That seriously sucks, but its really what we need to do at this point. Hell, I’m looking to get a second job to help makes things a little easier. I can’t see getting another job just to pour money into things that are not really needed. I’m enough of a work-aholic that the idea of a second job really doesn’t bother me, but wasting money that I work hard for is another matter all together. I tend to be frugal. Sometimes to the point of a fault. I would never spend money on myself unless it were something needed. Things like food, clothes and more recently the glasses are never things that I go without in order to save money. But I make a point to keep things to what really is needed. If the clothes I have are working, then I don’t buy new ones. Simple as that. Practiacal to the core. So, anyway. The money situation is getting seriously evil and I’m already long past tired of it. but it is what it is. I’m sure my last post revealed the recent friendship woes. Damn I can seriously be a bitch >.< Not a lot to report guys, just that I’m going to be a rare commodity for a while longer. I miss all my on line buddies and the banter on vent 😦 Hopefully, I’ll get things straightened out sooner rather then later…


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