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Autogiographical paragraph

Minimum length:  a paragraph

Write down at least twenty highlights of your life (forty – eighty would be better). Create categories or headings under which to cluster them. From this list choose the ten most crucial events, relationships, and decisions—this is your extended life list. Include this as an attached page to the following writing: Read the rest of this entry


Autobiographical narrative description

Minimum length: a paragraph


Think of a family situation that involved conflict of some sort. Tell a partner a family story you heard about this situation when you were a child. Then, make a list of details you remember about the story. (Names, how people were related, what they did for pleasure or work, where the event took place, what the conflict was, how it was resolved, etc.) Use specific details, (clothes, hair styles, ways of speaking, etc.) but don’t worry about sentences.


Write a draft of this family scene. Aim for at least a page. Be sure to include vivid descriptive detail so that the reader can “see” the scene.

Bernays, Anne & Pamela Painter. What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers. New York: HarperPerennial, 1990.

Smoke and Shadows (Part 2)

The Prompt
Part 1

But he knew it was a stupid thought. The dead did not dance. They were gone. Nothing remained after death. Her body had been burned up and her ashes spread. There were no more dances. He’d long ago lost his chance.

It was strange, the things that he regretted now that she was gone. He wondered if he had ever told her how much he loved her. Perhaps his actions had been enough to make her know. But there are no certainties like a declaration. Read the rest of this entry

Smoke and Shadows

The Prompt

The fire was bright and hot. It felt comforting against the cool night air. The breeze picked up the smoke and swirled it around. Sparks flitted and then died. The music was loud and she could feel the pounding of the drums in her chest. She danced in the heat and light the fire cast. Her shadows flickered and scampered in impossible directions. Read the rest of this entry

The Island

The Prompt

It was a quiet place. The sand blew across the beach and piled up in little dunes; allowing me to imagine that I was in the desert if I kept my back to the ocean. The silly white and grey birds swirled in the sky above and squabbled with each other like children. I watched them and wondered what it would be like to fly up there in the clouds. The salt lifted from the sea and I could taste it with every breath. Laying down and stretching myself out; I pressed my cheek into the moist sand. I could feel the heart beat of the ocean’s waves. Read the rest of this entry

Monkey’s Birthday

I’d like to take a few minutes to celebrate the blessings that have come into my life through the amazing man that I have the benefit of being married to. He tends to be a quiet man that can easily blend into the background, but he is amazing. His is a life that is worth modeling your own after. A life of kindness, compassion and love. Read the rest of this entry

11/30/14- Daily Prompt

11/30/14- Daily Prompt.

She didn’t recognize herself in the photo. It was a stranger that smiled back at her and waved a silly “I love you” hand sign at the camera. It was difficult to remember a time that she was that young and that happy. She flipped the photo over and discovered the notation there. Scribbled in a familar hand writing was the date and place the photo was taken. It drew forth no memories. Read the rest of this entry

Alzheimer’s and Memories

Memories can be preserved in many ways, from scrapbooks to recorded interviews. Here’s help documenting your loved one’s life story. Read the rest of this entry


Dreams; such splendor. A door to a place next door that we so rarely open. Except in drifting night, when our intellect slides away, we step through without even knocking; for it is home. It is that place we all begin. A place we know since in the waters and is real to us there, where we can see before our biology gives us eyes. This is the kind of seeing that is true and real. We walk in the yard of next door but never go into the house until the last of our breath draws out the pathway to that second door. Three steps and a small porch hunker down in front of that house and hold an anchor there; in that place of dreams.

I’m Never Too Old for Anything!

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