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More med changes. Yay. So, the Topamax is out. Fucking sucks because it was really working, but the side effects were brutal. The Neurontin is increasing. I don’t have a lot of hope that will keep the migraines under control, but we’ll see. I hate med changes. I’m on too many. I feel like going on a med strike and dumping all of them in the trash. But I’m sure that would just lead to a different set of problems. Meh.


Piggie Update 043015

So, there isn’t a whole lot new in my life. Things are still as busy as ever. But that keeps things interesting and generally keeps me out of trouble… no fool proof plan there…

So, Mom is doing really well and may be going back to work here soon. She’ll need more physical therapy, but she is way better then a month ago! Yays! Read the rest of this entry

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Piggie Update 040915

This week has been busy but pretty good.

Mom is still going to PT, but she is slowly getting better. It’s not the kinda thing that I expected to get better quickly anyway. Read the rest of this entry

033015 Piggie Update

So, Eric is in midst of a med shuffle and he’s having side effects. 😦 On the up side, no seizure activity. I am still having no luck getting my seizure med levels up where they should be so just had another dose increase. Which sucks. It’s making me tired. Which is likely to go away after a week or so, but sucks in the mean time. Still have a busy line up on my schedule with appointments and the like. But things are getting taken care of as they should be. That’s enough for me. Ass is still broken and hurting. Yeah, getting way beyond tired of that… Things are still in flux, but no major changes.

Piggie Update 120112

Well, the last week has been pretty crazy. I probably should back up and give a brief overview of all the shit that has been happening, because I haven’t posted in the past few weeks >.< Because I’m lazy, this is going to be a down and dirty outline style update 😛

11/21/12: Eric had 14 hours of seizure activity. He wasn’t even getting fully out of the post phase before having another seizure. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 072710

Well, alot has been going on. I am on a medical leave from work because of all the crazy shit that’s been going on inside my head. I’m just not safe to take care of other people right now. It will make the money tight, but I think it’s the best thing for me right now. It will give me time to get myself put together and get my meds evened out. I finally got to see the doctor regarding my meds. He made changes. No surprise there. What I’ve been doing hasn’t been working. I’ve just been getting worse. So, I wasn’t surprised when he changed things around. So, I have to give that time and see how it works. If nothing else, I have slept better yesterday. Its a promising start to things. As far as my symptoms go, they’ve gotten pretty bad. I’ve been hearing people screaming. That could be because of the severe sleep deficit or it could be another emerging symptom. Yeah. It’s been hard. I’ve been having really terrible dreams. People getting hurt or people chasing me. I wake up seriously distressed. My mood has been swinging all over the place too. I go from feeling really good to angry to sad within minutes. The mood cycling in very exahausting. I can’t keep up with myself enough to even process what I’m feeling. It has been hard for the people that are around me. How can I expect them to keep up if I can’t? I’ve been really apathic lately. I’m not sure how to manage that particular symptom. It’s the first time I have ever experienced it. Normally I am bursting with energy and ambition, but lately I have been drained dry. So, the plan is to take things day by day and see where things take me. On another note: I’ve got a new hair style. I cut it short. And I’m in the process of coloring it purple. It takes several stages to get it the color I am looking for. I will try to post some new pictures once I’ve got the color I’m after. Hope things are going well with you guys. I’d love to hear from you all. I seriously miss the vent rants!


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