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flick and fleeting
of everything gone Read the rest of this entry

Honest Love

17+ Incredibly Honest Love Cards For Couples With A Sense Of Humor | Bored Panda.

Honest Love Card

These amuse me very much. But they also remind me of the way that people talk about love. It’s all the glamour and the silly, fluffy romantic shit that I could choke on. Love isn’t like that. It’s about being Read the rest of this entry


Friendship is love.
Love is as much a feeling
as an action.
Love it time,
real friends make it.
They just let you
be you.
They help you
be a better person.


you are sleeping
and i listen to you snore.
it is a background to my music,
a comforting rhythm.
constant, (more…)


The past is haunting me
my sins things I can’t let go
your kisses promise me more
but I cannot know
where you will take me
with all your promises (more…)


Touch me and hold me close.
Ignore it, when I push you away.
Give me only a little space.
But don’t let me run away. (more…)


When you look at me,
close your eyes.
Touch me from across the room.

Give me that look
so that I’ll know
you still need me. Read the rest of this entry

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Source: My Last Breath by NanFe on DeviantArt

My Last Breath by NanFe


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