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Dream Journal 071416

I was at a strange store that everyone had said was great. I bought a huge bowl of pasta salad. They gave me the price but I didn’t have that much cash so I swiped my card. But a video game came up on the screen and I had to win in order to get the salad. I refused. But they said it wouldn’t complete my purchase. So I Read the rest of this entry


Free Write 041816

I feel kinda like crud. I have this headache that is clawing at the back of my neck and digging up into the sides of my head. Throbbing and bleeding. Closing the eyes to shut out the light, but nothing changes the pain of it. There is something searing and gnawing at the bridge of my nose. Maybe that is the pressure point from which it will crack and the entire thing will come undone. Falling apart like blades of grass Read the rest of this entry

Smoke and Shadows (Part 2)

The Prompt
Part 1

But he knew it was a stupid thought. The dead did not dance. They were gone. Nothing remained after death. Her body had been burned up and her ashes spread. There were no more dances. He’d long ago lost his chance.

It was strange, the things that he regretted now that she was gone. He wondered if he had ever told her how much he loved her. Perhaps his actions had been enough to make her know. But there are no certainties like a declaration. Read the rest of this entry

Smoke and Shadows

The Prompt

The fire was bright and hot. It felt comforting against the cool night air. The breeze picked up the smoke and swirled it around. Sparks flitted and then died. The music was loud and she could feel the pounding of the drums in her chest. She danced in the heat and light the fire cast. Her shadows flickered and scampered in impossible directions. Read the rest of this entry

My Sense of Direction

I can’t find my way out of a paper bag…
I never know where I’m going! Even places that I have been at several times are difficult for me to find. I’m the worst person to get directions from! Luckily my husband and mother can get places.


Reflections on a Broken Relationship

There was a boy in high school that use to hang out with my brothers and I. He’d come over to the house all the time. I felt close to him then. We were, in many ways, like siblings. It was a strange relationship. There were as many fights as there were deep middle of the night conversations. There was a time in my life that I had thought that he and I would move on to being more then friends. But, it always seemed that he was ashamed of me. Then I met my husband and I fell deeply in love with him in a crazy fast way. I think I broke a few hearts in my fall. Sometimes, I’m afraid that I broke this friend’s heart too. Maybe, I didn’t give him enough time. I cannot help but wonder, on occasion, if things could have been different if I had waited just a little longer. I have no regrets. After 12 years, I am still deeply, crazy in love with my husband. Sure our relationship has changed, but it only seems to get deep and stronger. I would never want to undo that. But there is a little part of me that grieves the lost friend. There are times that I wonder if I should reach out and try to reconnect with him. But, I have to admit that I’m afraid of rejection. There seems to be so much unsaid between us. How does one deal with that? Do we bury it; ignoring it as nothing more the history? Or do we dig it all up and put it on the table to be fully exposed and examined? Perhaps something in the middle of those? After all this time, there is a part of me that still loves that boy. I know he has grown up into a man that I no longer know, but I cannot help holding onto the memories of the boy I knew and loved so very much. I think it might have broken my heart a little too. It makes me wonder if people have a moment when they can reach out and connect; a moment when that connection would almost become inevitable if action is taken on it. A moment that is lost forever if it is let to slip by with out action… I think our moment slipped by. And I think I will always carry the loss of it within my heart…



Through shattered and broken pieces

I try to reach you Read the rest of this entry


There is nothing broken,

missing or lost. Read the rest of this entry


Whispered shadows,


Light kisses,

fall down from moon light skies. Read the rest of this entry


Prompt: “What’s something you no longer own that you wish you still owned?  Write about what became of it.” (more…)


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