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So, Lilies is done. Overall, I had a really great time. I honestly don’t like camping. Being out door is great but I’ve never seen the point in sleeping in the woods. I’d rather a day trip. So, that part came with the usual camping crap of not sleeping well and feeling aching all over. My feet have been 2 sizes too big all week. And they ache. There is a rash all over my feet and ankles which has crept up to my left shin. Then Read the rest of this entry



This was the laziest day of Lilies. I spent all day in camp except for the short walk to the john. We spent the whole say sitting in the camp circle and chatting. People came and went. I also spent time spinning which has been very relaxing. In the evening several people joined our circle and it was hours of fun. There was some alcohol but no one was lit. And there was food to snack on. And everyone shared stories. Read the rest of this entry


Spent the day sitting in camp shooting the shit. At the end of the day there were fireworks which Jason came for. Sue insisted on being there 2 hours early and I have no idea why. She had to have a particular spot. And where she sat gave us the benefit of having firework bits rain on us…

The fireworks were amazing.


This has been a really great day. First to note: Rufus, a friend of Monkey’s family, gave Dragon a harp. It is a beautiful piece. She has spent a good part of the day playing it. She wiped off all the dust and tuned it first. After only one day, she was playing it beautifully this evening. She never stops amazing me. There are times it is hard to believe that such a wonderful person is my child. Truly, she is one of the 2 Read the rest of this entry


Started the day in the small camp area being social and trying to feel awake. Took another ice bath. But it helps you wake up.

Went and watched a Rattan event. But there weren’t many fighters. I’m sure it was because of the brutal heat. The event ended way early so that opened the field to free for all fighting which I found less then Read the rest of this entry


Started my day off with a tablet weaving class. Turns out that the basic concept is the same as bead weaving with the addition of the cards. That’s the part that makes the weaving so complex; not on skill level, but the end patterns themselves. Was a great class. I learned a lot. Read the rest of this entry


There weren’t any events early that we wanted to go to so we went shopping instead. Went to Wal-Mart. I hate shopping there. While there, this woman holding a coconut walks up to me and asks if I eat coconut. I said that I did with the expectation that she was going to ask me how to pick one out. But nope. Instead she asked “Does coconut constipate you?” How fucking weird! I was taken by surprise and replied that I Read the rest of this entry


Been awake for about 2 hours. Took a shower, which is less than an exciting experience. It’s a weird fine mist of ice. Bitch to even get my hair wet. Sucked. But I was getting some funk and I do feel better after the shower. Waiting for Monkey and Dragon at the moment. No plan for the day. So, just waiting. Feeling restless. A little blah. Still tired. But the tent is fucking hot. Bleh.


Well, I didn’t sleep for shit. Was seriously high energy during the night. Our tent site is next to the tavern’s tent site… Sigh. Not the site I would have picked. So, I got a total of 6 hours of sleep but it was broken in 2 and not sound at all. Skipped breakfast and tea/coffee for some unknown reason. Went to a class on making fire with flint and steel. Was really hard to do. I wasn’t able to get fire. And Monkey Read the rest of this entry


We left about noon yesterday and arrived her at 1630. There is a hour difference between here and there which is on our ride, getting us an extra hour. The drive wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be. Read the rest of this entry


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