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Had the brilliant idea of taking my sketch book with me. Duh. There was a woman sitting in the doctor’s office and I used her as a reference for the pose for this sketch. So, thank you random person. Overall, pretty happy with this. Still think there is some weirdness with the left leg.


My Day

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Little Bridge of Hanged Men


Little bridge of hanged men by transe

From light unto darkness,
I hold thee within me.
The cage of my bones
built for thee. (more…)


I want to talk about the way
things come undone.
But is it possible
for you to understand?
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The Value of LIfe

So, 1/3 of voters said that all life is equal and 2/3 said that some people have more value then others. I’ve already posted about my thoughts about this one. I just found it interesting the way the numbers on this one fell. I was surprised. I thought more people would agree with me. And I was surprised that the 3rd option didn’t get chosen even once (that was the one that said humans had more value then animals).

Thanks to everyone who put in votes!

The Value of LIfe Poll

Value of Life

Someone asked me a question  a while ago that has gotten me to thinking. The question was “Do you think your life has more value than a child molester?” It seems like a simple question, but the implications of your answer are intense. Read the rest of this entry

Life Tides

People ebb and flow
The great ocean of life
Each wave rises up
and crashes on the shore

Monkey’s Birthday

I’d like to take a few minutes to celebrate the blessings that have come into my life through the amazing man that I have the benefit of being married to. He tends to be a quiet man that can easily blend into the background, but he is amazing. His is a life that is worth modeling your own after. A life of kindness, compassion and love. Read the rest of this entry


Pieces shatter and break
so the new can be made
always changing
flowing from on form to the next
a state of flux
a circle, a sphere, a whole
but where did it begin?


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