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Piggie Update 100315

So, I’m seeing a new psych provider. I saw her the first time on 9/24. The first impression is pretty good. I was in the appointment for about 2 hours. I didn’t feel rushed. I felt like she was really listening to what I was telling her. I liked that she was being open minded. She had received a ton of records on me, but (more…)


Value of Life

Someone asked me a question  a while ago that has gotten me to thinking. The question was “Do you think your life has more value than a child molester?” It seems like a simple question, but the implications of your answer are intense. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 022215

This past week has been a busy one for me. Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday I was working. There was a large storm predicted, so I made arrangements to spend the weekend up in Bangor. Turned out that the snow amounted to squat. But it was nice to have such a short drive between shifts. I was able to get more sleep. Read the rest of this entry

Thanks Giving

This is the time of year that we are supposed to set aside time to spend with our families and to remind each other of the things that we have. It is easy to get caught up in the tangled list of things that are broken, lost, missing or wished for. Some how, it is so easy to loose sight of the things that are right in our grasp that can give us happiness if we were just wise enough to notice. So, today, I list the things that matter. Read the rest of this entry

A Bitterness

I believe you did not have a happy life.
I believe you were cheated.
I believe your best friends were loneliness and misery,
I believe your busiest enemies were anger and depression.
I believe joy was a game you could never play without stumbling.
I believe comfort, though you craved it, was forever a stranger.
I believe music had to be melancholy or not at all.
I believe no trinket, no precious metal, shone so bright as
your bitterness.
I believe you lay down at last in your coffin none the wiser
and unassuaged.
Oh, cold and dreamless under the wild, amoral, reckless, peaceful
flowers of the hillsides.

— Mary Oliver, “A Bitterness” Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 120213

The year is almost over and my little brother is a year older. Some how, these kinds of things just make me feel old. There was a time that I looked forward to things that marked the passage of time; heralding in a new day. Seems that was lost with my childhood.

How are things? Well, could be better and could be worse, but I suppose that encompasses the entirety of my state of being. Read the rest of this entry

Blood clots


Blood clots can occur under many different circumstances and in many different locations. Blood clots that form in response to an injury or a cut are beneficial, stopping potentially dangerous bleeding. However, a number of conditions can cause you to develop blood clots in critical locations, such as your lungs and brain, and they require medical attention. Read the rest of this entry

Alzheimer’s disease: Anticipating end-of-life needs

As an Alzheimer’s caregiver, you may be your loved one’s most powerful voice. Make decisions for your loved one that ensure respect, dignity and comfort until the end of life.

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, you may focus on keeping your loved one safe and comfortable. As the disease progresses, however, you may face difficult end-of-life questions. When is it time to choose comfort care over lifesaving care? When does medical care merely prolong a person’s dying? Here’s help considering these and other end-of-life questions. Read the rest of this entry

The Spoon Theory

The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino | But You Dont Look Sick? support for those with invisible illness or chronic illness.

In my personal practice, I have used this idea but made reference to cups. This is a great way to conceptualize energy levels or tolerance levels. People are used to measuring things with spoons or cups. Additionally, they easily understand the concept of having a “full plate” bacause these are things people have encoutered in their lives regularly. The visual of it is wonderful! For anyone who has energy level or tolerance level issues this is a great tool and I encourage you to use it!


So, I’ve had myself another medical adventure. I got carted off from working by an ambulance. I’ve got 2 things to say about that (before I tell you what all happened): 1. It’s embarrassing. Not the way that I’d like my co-workers to see me. 2. I am thankful that my co-workers took care of the situation quickly and professionally. Because they got me off to the hospital so quickly, things turned out very well. I didn’t even need to be admitted to the hospital.

Apparently my potassium levels were very low which led to atrial flutter, which led to hypoxia, which led to a seizure… So, I went over to the ER and they used some meds to get my heart back into a normal rhythm, bring my heart rate down and to help keep me from having any further seizure activity. Needless to say, I have no intention of that ever being a repeated event. It sucked. I am still feeling the effects of the meds and I ache all over. Not to mention I missed 1.5 nights of work.


It just seems like there is always some kind of medical bull shit in my life.


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