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Worry, Just Because…

The dryer doesn’t work. Ok, I suppose it does. It just screams like a dying banshee when you use it. So, Monkey has been hanging our clothing to dry. I hate it. The fabric is all stiff and scratchy and there is lint all in everything. Then I remind myself that this is really minor shit in life. After all, there are people in the world who don’t have more then one outfit and don’t get clean clothing. Then I scratch at myself and imagine the lint that I know is clinging to me; it’s evil, fuzzy hands Read the rest of this entry


Unexpected Happiness

Minimum length: 4-6 pages


Write a story in which the protagonist does not get what he/she wants, but the story ends happily anyway

Why Punishments Don’t Work for ADHD Kids (And What Works Better!)

Ok, go read this article Why Punishments Don’t Work for ADHD Kids (And What Works Better!) and then come back to read this post.

First, thank you to my sister for sharing this article with me. I’m glad that I can share this with you guys! So, if you liked the article, close your eyes and throw her some love. Yes, the frog needs love! Read the rest of this entry

What Women Want?

So, I was reading some blog posts and decided that I wanted to respond to one. This response is just about how I personally feel and think about each item on the list. Just thought it’d be fun. I’ve put the post down there so you can read the post I did if you’d like.

The Post I Read

First, I think that this list applies to both genders and all types of intimate relationships. It describes what men want too! Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 032715

Alright, so it’s my birthday. And that makes me 34. No promises on how the posting will go the next few days. I have no idea what the family has planned. I am at their mercy. Which may or may not leave time for writing… Read the rest of this entry

Monkey’s Birthday

I’d like to take a few minutes to celebrate the blessings that have come into my life through the amazing man that I have the benefit of being married to. He tends to be a quiet man that can easily blend into the background, but he is amazing. His is a life that is worth modeling your own after. A life of kindness, compassion and love. Read the rest of this entry

Thanks Giving

This is the time of year that we are supposed to set aside time to spend with our families and to remind each other of the things that we have. It is easy to get caught up in the tangled list of things that are broken, lost, missing or wished for. Some how, it is so easy to loose sight of the things that are right in our grasp that can give us happiness if we were just wise enough to notice. So, today, I list the things that matter. Read the rest of this entry

A Bitterness

I believe you did not have a happy life.
I believe you were cheated.
I believe your best friends were loneliness and misery,
I believe your busiest enemies were anger and depression.
I believe joy was a game you could never play without stumbling.
I believe comfort, though you craved it, was forever a stranger.
I believe music had to be melancholy or not at all.
I believe no trinket, no precious metal, shone so bright as
your bitterness.
I believe you lay down at last in your coffin none the wiser
and unassuaged.
Oh, cold and dreamless under the wild, amoral, reckless, peaceful
flowers of the hillsides.

— Mary Oliver, “A Bitterness” Read the rest of this entry

Live. Love. Laugh. Play.


Take time to experience the world around you. Be mindful of yourself and stay present in the moment. Living is now. We have a finite amount of time to spend and there is no earning any more. If we hold too tightly onto the past, we let it cloud today. If we look only to the future we will loose sight of today’s treasures. We tend to hurry through our lives. Rushing from task to task. But even in these busy times, you can live in your moment. Do each thing as if it was all there was and immerse yourself. Read the rest of this entry



Return thee to the Earth and know the eternal joy of Now. Take pleasure with in the flower’s scent and the coolness of the waters. From these simple things, you will know the Greater Divine.


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