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Been looking towards Halloween which is just around the corner. Best holiday ever! We’re going to have a party this year with a witch theme. Not the Wizard of Oz style witch. The nature witches. Been buying things for our costumes which will include head dresses. I have most of the stuff and am pretty close to being ready to start putting things together. I plan on taking lots of photos of the process so that I can share that with you. I will be posting that over on Read the rest of this entry


Piggie Update 110115

So, this was the strangest Halloween that I have ever had. But it was a good one. Rather then doing our usual Halloween things, we spent the entire day doing things related to field hockey. The night before we went to one of the other parents’ house and helped make signs. Then on Halloween, we got things started off way too early. There was a lunch for the girls at 1130. That meant getting up at around 1030 so that Read the rest of this entry


Halloween night background with pumpkin and full moon.

Change of Plans

So, today was suppose to be the day that we left for Salem. But we’ve decided we aren’t going to Salem this year after all. The Dragon’s field hockey team has made it to the state championship. It’s the first time their school ever has. And the game is on Halloween. This game is a once in a life time experience for her and Salem will still be there another year. So, we’re staying here and we’re going to the state field hockey game! AND THERE WILL BE WINNING! 😀

We ordered some candy and are going to be stuffing some bags at the last second. We’ll be passing candy out to the trick or treaters, but that’s about it for the Halloween activities. But that’s enough. I could wear my costume from last year. I might.

October Count Down

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Piggie Update 102411

So, I’m back to work and survived my first 2 nights back. The first night was crazy busy >.< Figures. I think life is just like that. We have some new staff and I’m training a guy for the night shift. I got a great first impression 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 101310

Things are going fairly well. Still no internet and not looking like its going to be something I can get soon. I really miss playing WOW and chatting on vent. I also miss the shows that I watched online. *sigh* Got to take care of the important things first though. Sometimes being responsible sucks 😛 I may have to have surgery soon and I have to save up some money to cover the bills if I have to take more time off from work. I really hate the idea of surgery and have chosen to Read the rest of this entry


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