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Piggie Update 042615

Things have been as busy as ever. I had this week off from work and L had it off from school. Didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I would like since I had appointments every day. Seems like I am never home. But that isn’t true. I have been home and have been able to spend time with both Eric and L. We’ve been playing Alien: Isolation for the PlayStation 4. I’ve really been loving it. Read the rest of this entry


Around To It

Well, things to do are still piling up and I’m still not getting much of those things done… Read the rest of this entry


Well, seems pretty near to forever that I posted last. It’s been so busy that I’ve let things get behind. This is always the worst time of year for me to keep up with my writing and blogging. Too many others things going on and I never have enough hours in a day to do them all in… Read the rest of this entry

051512 Update

Sorry about falling off the planet again. Seems like I am doing that a lot as of late… Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 042412

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and that went well. That doctor has cleared me for driving! Yays! But I do have another doctor’s appointment today before I can drive. I’m hoping that things go well there as well. I’d really like to get my license, it would make things a lot easier for us. And its has been a long and complicated process getting there. A process that I have been thoroughly annoyed with >.< Read the rest of this entry

Gardening Experience

I’ve been growing a garden for years. Since I was around 10 or so. My parents had a garden and I was raised with the home grown goodness. So, I keep the garden thing going. The big garden is still at my Mom’s house. We work together on it and get more from it for everyone. Not to mention its easier. I’ve also started a raised garden bed here at the apartment that we have been growing herbs in. Had pretty good luck with last year.


Not Much of an Update…

Not a whole lot has changed in the way of things to give info on. Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 100310

Things have been better as of late. I think that the meds have finally been adjusted to a working point. My creative energies have been rising and I hope to share my more recent works with you. I plan on making some posts on Monday to this site and to Deviant Art. Canning season is in full swing. The garden did very well this year. We have been blessed with plenty. I love the canning process, so the past few weeks have been very peaceful for me. Work has been as Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 080310

I’ve been having trouble with my sleep again over the last few days. And I’m still struggling with the screaming and mood swings. I just feel so tired all the time and I hate feeling that way. It takes me forever to get motivated to do anything. At least I seem better able to focus my thoughts and attention. I think that is why I’ve been able to work on my writing again. I have an appointment with Jim tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry


I spent most of the day yesterday working on getting the garden set up. I would have liked to have gotten more done, but we ran out of steam. Doesn’t help that both my mom and I had worked the previous night. That’s the seriously crappy part about working nights. If I’m going to get anything done on my days off, I’m going to have to be awake during the Read the rest of this entry


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