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Value of Life

Someone asked me a question  a while ago that has gotten me to thinking. The question was “Do you think your life has more value than a child molester?” It seems like a simple question, but the implications of your answer are intense. Read the rest of this entry


Piggie Update 032715

Alright, so it’s my birthday. And that makes me 34. No promises on how the posting will go the next few days. I have no idea what the family has planned. I am at their mercy. Which may or may not leave time for writing… Read the rest of this entry

Blood Moon



The blood of the moon falls but rare. And from it a suffering man can never know. A herald of a storm to come. A time of turbulence and despair. But know that this moon, like all others shall wane. And the next shall wax.

My Dear Little Brother…

Mike, you have always held a special place in my heart and always will. I wish you happiness in the years to come with Jeannette. What advice can I give to you? What wisdom can I impart to help you towards happiness?

This is a time of new beginnings. A time that promises are made and families come together to celebrate.




And know happiness. Read the rest of this entry

What If…?

When things come along in life, for good or for ill, we mostly find ourselves just dealing with it. But there are times that we are just enough removed from things that we can begin to imagine the possibilities. The “what if” game can be either freeing or enslaving. Either way, it is the most powerful force within the human mind. Read the rest of this entry

If You Could Predict the Future, Would You Want to?

No, I would not want to predict the future. Read the rest of this entry

Butterfly Effect

Even the beat of a butterfly’s wing can change the world…

I look around and see a culture that has fostered fear. We raise our children with paranoid attempts to wrap them in bubble wrap. We harbor delusions that we can protect them from the very world in which they live. We have forgotten Read the rest of this entry


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