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Things have been pretty tumultuous. Mom has been randomly falling asleep and can’t drive because of it. They have yet to sort out why she’s having the problem. Getting to the diagnosis can be so convoluted and frustrating. There isn’t really anything anyone can do until we know what the problem is. It also leaves room to ruminate on all the “what if…” thoughts. Been trying to be supportive by giving her rides when she needs them. Seems fair since they toted my ass around for a long time before I got my license. It hasn’t been much. Just one appointment. Read the rest of this entry



And just like that, Halloween has come and gone. The holiday always zooms by. I feel that the party went well. A little more disorganized then I’d like, but I think that over all it went smoothly enough. Seemed like everyone had a good time and that is what really matters. I feel that all the work that went into it was worth it. Read the rest of this entry

Dear Toadie,

This post is really for my sister, Toadie. But there are things I have to say that I want other parents to read, so I’m posting it rather then just writing her privately. In some ways, this is also a letter to myself. So, here goes:

First, I love you. Stop beating yourself up. There is no such thing as perfect and as much as we want to be, there is no possible way any one can be a perfect parent. We are limited by are humanity. But that is also a strength. As we struggle, we can show our children that you can conquer and work through problems. We can be Read the rest of this entry

Lazy Days

Things have been lazy in my life. Spent the last couple days loafing and playing video games. D3 for the most part, but some LBP3. Been nice to spend some time with Dragon and Monkey. I needed the break. There is still a lot to get done in the house and I feel a little guilty about not working on it. But as a reminder to myself and all of you out there: we need to take care of ourselves too!

Off and Away

I’m out of state. We’re here to visit with Monkey’s family. Got in yesterday. I was super tired. Laid down and passed right out. Monkey’s sister graduates today and we’re here to see that 🙂 Not sure when this party gets started. Monkey and Dragon are still sleeping. I slept solid which is why I’m up and full of energy.  Read the rest of this entry

For the Love of Dragon

On this day, a little Dragon hatched out and came into our lives. From the first, she was an amazing and beautiful creature. Over the years, she has grown into a fierce wyrmling that I am proud to know; even prouder to call my daughter. Thank you, Dragon, for being all that you are.

Piggie Update 010417

Gram had an acute psychotic episode. I wasn’t there for it. My understanding was that she was seeing people outside in the cold and she was trying to bring them blankets. She was under dressed for going outdoor. When my cousin tried to stop her, she became aggressive and called the police. When they arrived, they put her into protective custody and she went to the hospital for a crisis eval. She was there for a few days. Read the rest of this entry


My Nephew, Scholar Owl, is being home schooled my his mom ToadieOdie. She has asked me to do some of the course work which I think will be super fun. Scholar Owl seemed excited about it too. Since I need a place to organize stuff and to share things with ToadieOdie and Scholar Owl, I am going to be posting things related to that course work here. If any of it strikes your interest, feel free to make comments and join the discussion.

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The Killing Joke

I read the comic book for the first time today because Dragon said that I had to read that before I when and watched the movie. I read it and can’t say that I really get why Dragon and Monkey are so excited about it. Not that it was a bad comic, but it wasn’t the coolest one I’ve ever read. We then went down to Portland and watched the movie in theater. I liked the movie more then the comic. It just seemed to come together more on the screen then on the page. I had a good time. It was nice to spend time with the family. Listened to an audio book and chatted on the drive to and from. It was a good day.


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