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we whisper to the sky
hoping for the Divine
and transcendance
we long for that which we cannot hold
and our arms ache
in the grasping
of everything that we cannot keep


Dreams; such splendor. A door to a place next door that we so rarely open. Except in drifting night, when our intellect slides away, we step through without even knocking; for it is home. It is that place we all begin. A place we know since in the waters and is real to us there, where we can see before our biology gives us eyes. This is the kind of seeing that is true and real. We walk in the yard of next door but never go into the house until the last of our breath draws out the pathway to that second door. Three steps and a small porch hunker down in front of that house and hold an anchor there; in that place of dreams.


Much of life is the movement of touch. When things come together they bring change. A unity, however fleeting, makes the island of self greater. It harkens back to the original unity. The time before the self arose from the waters of the Divine. And always the touch is seeking to return. Of the same stuff, all things are made. The same ache of emptiness screeches through the darkness of shadowed and huanted souls. The dark gorge, the Divine womb; the start and end into all time. Before creation there was the law which governed the creating and rules all of which exists. Without God, creation continues. Without the law, all that it ceases to be. And now, know that the Divine, the Law of all that is, has no name. Many a crown has been set upon its head, but none can shine equal to its splendor. The true light and the treu darkness. With out name it is the name of all things. A given name is empty and without meaning.

It is This.

National Geographic: The Gospel of Judas


This is an excellent documentary that opens the door to consideration of some of the most basic christian teachings. This post really isn’t a review of the documentary, but rather a discussion of the implications and ideas presented within it. Read the rest of this entry



Return thee to the Earth and know the eternal joy of Now. Take pleasure with in the flower’s scent and the coolness of the waters. From these simple things, you will know the Greater Divine.




Of the Earth, our flesh.
Of the Waters, our blood.
Of the Wind, our breath.
Of the Fire, our soul.
Of these we are made.
Of these, we shall return.
And from us, so the next shall be made.
So lay upon the earth
and know
Her embrace.

Blood Moon



The blood of the moon falls but rare. And from it a suffering man can never know. A herald of a storm to come. A time of turbulence and despair. But know that this moon, like all others shall wane. And the next shall wax.

The Moon


The full of the moon to grace us. The light of the Goddess to illuminate that which is normally hidden within our darkness. And in so seeing, we can know. And in so knowing, we can become. And in so becoming, we are Divine.

The World


If you but reach for it, you can hold all the world with in the palm of your hand. Not in the grabbing of power or things, but in the letting go of things that do not matter to make room for the essential self which is already all the world with in.


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