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Tired today for no apparent reason. I don’t feel unwell. I just feel like I haven’t slept forever. But my sleep has been fine.

Dragon had a game today. It’s not hockey season yet. But they play all summer. So it is one of those just for fun practice games. Next week the kid has hockey camp. That’s over at Thomas college. She’ll be there 4 days. Not sure why it is shorter this year. It was a good day for them to play. Cool with a breeze. I wished I’d worn a hoodie though. Glad it didn’t rain. With the sky looking like it did, I was worried it would. Read the rest of this entry



Dreams and wishing
part of the woven light
of the human soul
glittering and bright
shaping all we become
a spark to light the fire


Roaring with great might
They fight, the knight
bearing tooth and claw
they rage and cry
across the stormy night
they burn all in sight
and then
falling from the sky
thunder and crash
No more are in sight
they’re gone, all gone
seen only in my dreams
sleeping, live on



Dreams are imagining being.
Believing in dreams is creating reality.
A single voice in a crowd
cannot overcome the cacophony. Read the rest of this entry


Dreams are reflections of our hearts.
When we close our eyes
and conciousness slides away,
we are left with all that’s raw.
The fears and hopes
we harbor will sail.
They mirror ourselves at our
very basic nature.

Dark and Magical World

Dark and Magical World by Alex Stoddard – Fubiz™.

I think these are really interesting images and I think each suggests a story. So, I decided to take the first picture and try to tell its story. There are plenty others, I’d love to see what stories you guys come up with for these!

stoddard-0-640x465 Read the rest of this entry

Smoke and Shadows (Part 2)

The Prompt
Part 1

But he knew it was a stupid thought. The dead did not dance. They were gone. Nothing remained after death. Her body had been burned up and her ashes spread. There were no more dances. He’d long ago lost his chance.

It was strange, the things that he regretted now that she was gone. He wondered if he had ever told her how much he loved her. Perhaps his actions had been enough to make her know. But there are no certainties like a declaration. Read the rest of this entry

Dreams: Poll Response

40% Like reading a book
20% I don’t recall
20% Nightmares
20% Jumbled up mess

With this poll I allowed multiple responses, so I am surprised to see a spread that suggests people gave only one response. Are your dreams that easy to describe? I don’t think they are for me. I think that my dreams are more complex then real life. And well, they are better left in my head.

I usually recall my dream when I first wake. But if I don’t think about it or write it down once I wake, I normally forget them. However, there are some dreams that have stayed with me. I can recall a handful of dreams that I had when I was a kid. Dreams can be powerful.

Smoke and Shadows

The Prompt

The fire was bright and hot. It felt comforting against the cool night air. The breeze picked up the smoke and swirled it around. Sparks flitted and then died. The music was loud and she could feel the pounding of the drums in her chest. She danced in the heat and light the fire cast. Her shadows flickered and scampered in impossible directions. Read the rest of this entry



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