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For the Love of Dragon

On this day, a little Dragon hatched out and came into our lives. From the first, she was an amazing and beautiful creature. Over the years, she has grown into a fierce wyrmling that I am proud to know; even prouder to call my daughter. Thank you, Dragon, for being all that you are.


Piggie Update 051216

As always, things are really busy around here. Seems like we are always buzzing about…

We are hoping to go to an SCA event this year (all assuming that I can get the time off from work and we are still waiting to hear on that one). Thus, we are sowing like crazy. We bought a lot of fabric. Some of it we special ordered and I can’t help but be worried that it won’t come in on time. But I have to trust that Read the rest of this entry





Dream Journal 121915

I had a really bad dream last night. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. I dreamed that my daughter was taken from her bed room during the night and that the man who took her was beating and raping her. I went after him and was able to restrain him, but only after he had hurt her pretty badly. I magically had a cell phone in my pocket (I never carry a cell phone on my person) and was able to call Read the rest of this entry

Piggie Update 110115

So, this was the strangest Halloween that I have ever had. But it was a good one. Rather then doing our usual Halloween things, we spent the entire day doing things related to field hockey. The night before we went to one of the other parents’ house and helped make signs. Then on Halloween, we got things started off way too early. There was a lunch for the girls at 1130. That meant getting up at around 1030 so that Read the rest of this entry



Piggie Update 101715

This has been a pretty good week. The highlight was on Tuesday. I got home for work and really should have gone right to bed, but it was one of those high energy days where sleeping would be impossible. So, I went out for breakfast with Monkey and Skunk. It was a good meal. The food and company were both excellent. One of those meals where you can enjoy the food and company with abandon. Ever have those Read the rest of this entry






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