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In this digital, socially-networked age, giving has become remarkably easy and convenient. Just click, and we’ve made a contribution we can feel good about. There are plenty of other easy (and fun) ways to feel good about giving, too – from participating in raffles and golf tournaments to running a The post Selfless Giving: How…

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Cancel Crazy? Wait, what?

WARNING: This blog is very opinionated and could be seen as an attack on the opinion presented in another blog (see link). In a way it is. This blog is an effort to give an opposite view point, but it is also full of anger and has a touch of sarcasm. Reading further is implied consent to rant exposure… Read the rest of this entry


This is one of the most simple and difficult things for a person to do. It can be hard to get outside our own box long enough to notice the suffering of those around us. But getting outside our box can help us be more comfortable with ourselves and the situation that we are in. Those who have compassion tend to be happier and healthy people. All living things have suffering at some point in their lives. So, every day there will be someone that you interact with who is in need of compassion. Try to be patient with the people around you, that is the start of compassion. Maybe the person serving you coffee got your order wrong because they are too worried about a sick child to focus. When I was a young person, I was full of anger and aggression towards both myself and others. Once I started asking why people were doing the things they were, I found that my perspective on life completely changed. When people are doing stupid or mean things, it rarely has anything to do with you. This does not make it right, nor does it mean that you should do nothing. But it is something to keep in mind before you move forward. Do nothing in anger, for anger breeds violence and violence destroys.

Peace be with you and may you know joy.

Compassion. It’s an excellent post that I recommend you read.

Compassion Hurts

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