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Killing Intimacy

Relationships are dialogue and action. We seem to be more aware of the action part then we are of the dialogue part. Of course not keeping promises is a problem as is failing to keep our end of a bargain. But the words we choose and how we say things to each other matters just as much. Often, it is what we say to each other that kills intimacy rather then what we are doing. Read the rest of this entry


4 Ways To Handle Passive-Aggressive Behaviour Without Being A Jerk — I Heart Intelligence

Finding a way to handle passive-aggressive behaviour that doesn’t make you seem like a jerk can be tricky. You’re probably familiar with passive-aggressive behaviour, even if you don’t recognize it for what it is. It’s rampant on social media. I’m sure you’ve seen the posts and comments on Facebook that are obviously showing hostility, albeit…

via 4 Ways To Handle Passive-Aggressive Behaviour Without Being A Jerk — I Heart Intelligence

Just something Toadie and I were talking about the other day…

Communication: Verbal and Silent

Minimum length:  3-5 pages


Write this scene: Two friends are in love with the same person. One describes his or her feelings honestly and well; the other is unwilling or unable to do so, but betrays his or her feelings through appearance and action.

Offering Support

Alright, so I have shared some about myself and my mental illness. Now that I have given you some insight to mental illness, let me now offer a few suggestions when working with, living with or supporting someone with mental illness. Know that this is just my opinion. It is what I have found works for me (on both sides of it). And this is in context of adults. Read the rest of this entry

Alzheimer’s: Tips for effective communication

When you try to communicate with a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease, you may feel like you’ve dropped through the rabbit hole into Alice’s wonderland. Read the rest of this entry


All that 2 people need to understand each other is held in a simple gesture or gentle touch. Words are such fragile things. They hold only the power we give them and can impart that power only if those listening agree to that power’s authority. It is no wonder that we speak so much and understand so little. Perhaps we should remeber the unviersal language we hold in our hands and eyes. We should use them more…


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