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Ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like.


The elusive creature that every mental health provider tells their patient that they should strive to achieve. But what is it? Feels a little bit like a unicorn. Something of a myth that people imagine and hope could Read the rest of this entry


One thing that no one can ever take from you is your power to choose. It is something that you cannot even take from yourself. If you choose to allow others to make choices for you, that is a choice. One that you make each time that you comply with their decisions. There are times that we are compelled to do things by outside forces such as the law, but we still have the power to choose how we will respond. The thing about making choices is that it doesn’t grant you the power to do anything that you want. You are limited by circumstances and by what your imagination can come up with. But you can always choose something. Will you comply Read the rest of this entry

Poll Response: Abortion

Abortion continues to be a topic under hot debate and most likely will be for a long time to come. About 1.4 million abortions are performed each year. About 30% of women will have an abortion before they are 45. There is no medical procedure that I am aware of that has more laws wrapped up into it then abortion. More US state abortion restrictions were enacted between 2011 and 2013 (205 in total) than were adopted during the whole previous decade (189).   Read the rest of this entry


Poll Response: Anger

So this poll reflects that people a varied in their perception of how they handle their anger. When I wrote this poll, I was careful about how I worded it. I didn’t want to know whether or not people felt angry. I wanted to know if people felt that they had it in check. (more…)

If You Could Predict the Future, Would You Want to?

No, I would not want to predict the future. Read the rest of this entry

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Crochet Thread

A Modern Interpretation of Vintage Crochet by Ann Reillet Featuring Many Original Designs


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Crochet animal patterns designed by Sonja van der Wijk