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Ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like.


The elusive creature that every mental health provider tells their patient that they should strive to achieve. But what is it? Feels a little bit like a unicorn. Something of a myth that people imagine and hope could Read the rest of this entry


There are just times that I wonder which direction that I’m headed in life. So much, and nothing, will change in the next year or so. When Dragon takes flight and leaves, what will Monkey and I do with our selves? I’m not talking about empty nest here. I mean that we will no longer be tied down to the place we are living and Read the rest of this entry

Bleed Out

Blue October is my favorite band. I listen to their music almost every day. Today, on my way home from work, I was listening to them and the song Bleed Out came up. All their music strikes deep, that’s why I love it so much, but there are times that some songs hit me in a mood that just really syncs up. Today, that’s this song. The music video for the Read the rest of this entry

Love Peace


Piggie Update 110816

It is official, I will be changing positions at work. I have worked in the adult in patient unit for the past 3 years. Starting next week I will be working as the over night Resource Nurse. This includes a raise 🙂 which is never a bad thing. I think that this is a good fit for me. It is all about helping any where in the hospital. It is about trouble shooting and problem solving. I will be the person that comes in and provides support when the unit gets hot or if there is something unusual going Read the rest of this entry


One thing that no one can ever take from you is your power to choose. It is something that you cannot even take from yourself. If you choose to allow others to make choices for you, that is a choice. One that you make each time that you comply with their decisions. There are times that we are compelled to do things by outside forces such as the law, but we still have the power to choose how we will respond. The thing about making choices is that it doesn’t grant you the power to do anything that you want. You are limited by circumstances and by what your imagination can come up with. But you can always choose something. Will you comply Read the rest of this entry

I’m Not Ready!

Something that I frequently hear from people is that they are not ready for something. Be it having children, getting an education or making the changes in their personal lives that they think will make them happy. But here’s the thing: you might never feel ready. Most of the time that people say they aren’t ready, they are really saying that they aren’t comfortable with the idea of the change or the work that the change will involve. But it isn’t about being ready or feeling comfortable. It’s about wanting it. Opportunities rarely come when you feel that you are ready to seize them. Life really just doesn’t work that way. Often times, you have to make Read the rest of this entry


flick and fleeting
of everything gone Read the rest of this entry


Ashes, gently blowing away;
burned dreams that could have been.

Lost, but feeding the ground
for something new to grow.

Life feeds on death
Beginnings come from endings
the lost leading to the found

Smashed and ground
cutting flesh and marring bone
wound me deeply
in their passing

But I heal and become stronger
not the person I had been.
Once a child, now a man.

My lessons learned and wisdom gained
from blood and pain.
All knowledge earned from suffering.


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