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The Chronicles of Prydain

The Chronicles of Prydain

by Lloyd Alexander

5 out of 5 stars

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Alien: Invasion (The Rage War #2)

Alien: Invasion (The Rage War #2)

by Tim Lebbon

4 stars out of 5 stars

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Reading Challenge

Every year, I set myself a reading challenge through good reads. I love to read, but for some reason usually put this pleasure on the back burner. When I set myself the reading challenge, I find that I read the way that I want to. No idea why this challenge helps me do this, but I am grateful for the tool. Each time I open a book, I am excited to enter another world. Each time I close a book, I am left with a sense of satisfaction and a strange thoughtfulness that doesn’t come at any other time in my life.  Read the rest of this entry

And Back Again…

Just like that, vacation is over and I’m back to work. It was a nice vacation. I enjoyed not having an agenda and not having to solve any problems. I did quite a bit of reading. Finished one book and got half way through another. I did some drawing. Got 2 more coloring pages completed. But mostly, I loafed and chatted with the good company around me. The food was great and I didn’t have to cook any of it (which always makes it taste better). The long drive wasn’t even bad. We listened to an audio book. Read the rest of this entry

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging

by Sebastian Junger

I enjoyed the book immensely. The writing style flowed smoothly. It was a quick read. But it is one that is worth reading more then once. I really didn’t want to put Read the rest of this entry

The Capture


The Capture (Guardians of Ga’Hoole #1) written by Kathryn Lasky read by Pamela Garelick

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Spark by John Twelve Hawks

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Crocheted Animal Hats


Crocheted Animal Hats: 15 Patterns to Hook and Show Off


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The Bride Collector

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Vita Nuova


Written by Dante Alighieri and translated by Mark Musa


I read this because I was curious to read something other then the Inferno. While I enjoyed the poetry and the stories behind each, I feel like the dissection of the poems killed the presentation. While it was interesting to read his perspective on their dissection, it left it feeling like I was reading a text book rather then a book of love poetry. Not something I will read again. It took me so long to read because I had to keep setting it aside for long periods. And it was slow reading on top of that. I’d recommend just getting a collection of his poems without all the other stuff.


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