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Looking Forward

There’s a lot coming up for me.

This Friday we are going to New York to visit a college that Dragon is interested in. Long drive.  Read the rest of this entry



I haven’t been sleeping well again. Not sure what’s changed that’s brought me back into that evil cycle. So far the nightmares haven’t come with the insomnia. That’s something that I hope never comes back. But it has made it hard to get through the day. Puts every thing else into shit. I wanted to pick more time up this week, but Read the rest of this entry


14713624_10154354521880020_712950062064087532_n Read the rest of this entry

Blue October

I am a fan of Blue October. I love their music. I own every album and listen to their music almost every day. Their work is thought provoking. Justin writes about shit that is real. It is amazing. But what is even more amazing it that they are coming to Maine and I am going to see them!

*Insert excited squeal here*


Have been playing Diablo 3 off and on through out the day. Went to a museum that was real cool. It was real cool to see all the items from 136 years ago. I took a ton of pics and so did Dragon. No flash allowed so I don’t know how they came out. I took Herbert along and got some pics of him there too. It was fun. Then we went to dinner. The food was fair to middling. But I enjoyed the company. A relaxed day. Fun. Read the rest of this entry

Blue October


Read the rest of this entry

Songs for the Road…

I love music. I am almost always listening to something. I will listen to anything but rap. I have Bach sitting on the shelf next to Tool. And everything in between is mixed in there some where! Read the rest of this entry


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