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Picture Prompts

I personally find that there is always a story in a picture. When I look at art, I frequently find myself telling the story of the piece. That’s the major thing that has been keeping me going this month! I appreciate the prompts I have been getting from TBP. So, I want to return the favor and I’m going to be posting some pictures that I found over on DA. Use them to write or simply gaze upon the art that I found interesting. And, of course, I will be posting some writing that came from my DA wandering.

May the Muse always be with you!


Folding Painted Paper Sculptures – Fubiz Media.

The Ring

This is really cool.

The Art

It’s just lovely.

The sculptures

I think these are really cool and just wanted to share them with you!

ElspethMcLean on Etsy – Sold Items.

Her work is stunning. I’ve always enjoyed the visual of mandalas. She makes them vibrant and textured. I hope you check her out!

Tables Turned: Being the Creative Subject

I have to admit that I’m not really a big fan of being the creative subject. It makes me very self conscious. I cannot help but feel judged when I am viewed from the artist’s angle. I hate seeing pictures of myself. I always look way cooler in my head then I do in real life 😛 Being written about doesn’t bother me as much. It would really depend on what kind of things they wanted to write. If it was something really personal, I wouldn’t be that comfortable at all, but something more general or about things that are already fairly public, I wouldn’t care. But over all, I’d rather be the artist then the subject!


Holland House Candles® .:. Shop

Holland House Candles® .:. Shop.

These are some of the coolest candles ever. They are beautiful. I got to watch a show that let you watch someone making one of these and its really awesome. Amazing art!

If I Made a Living from Art

Now that is a difficult choice; assuming that I could only choose one. I love arts and crafts. I do so many of them! I draw, paint, crochet, cross stitch, photography, and who knows what else 😛 Read the rest of this entry

Climbing Back onto the Planet!

Looks like I fell off the planet again… Read the rest of this entry


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