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Failing the Self

There are always times that other people are hateful, rude or nasty to you. There are also times when other people blame you for their mistakes. I have had a temper since I was young and long ago made a decision about how I was going to approach my anger. I have tried to become the person who can respond to aggressive and hostile behaviors with calmness. I have become better at this. But this Read the rest of this entry


Poll Response: Anger

Got an even distribution on this one. 1/3 for every day, sometimes, and nah I think I have it in check. No one voted for once in a while. I think I fall into the sometimes category. If you’d asked me about 15 years ago I would had to put daily since it was a multi times a day even. Tempers can be hard to reign in. The best advice I can give is to be mindful and to pause before you give a response. That gives you a chance to you your brain to mouth filter.

Poll Response: Anger

So this poll reflects that people a varied in their perception of how they handle their anger. When I wrote this poll, I was careful about how I worded it. I didn’t want to know whether or not people felt angry. I wanted to know if people felt that they had it in check. (more…)



This is one of the most simple and difficult things for a person to do. It can be hard to get outside our own box long enough to notice the suffering of those around us. But getting outside our box can help us be more comfortable with ourselves and the situation that we are in. Those who have compassion tend to be happier and healthy people. All living things have suffering at some point in their lives. So, every day there will be someone that you interact with who is in need of compassion. Try to be patient with the people around you, that is the start of compassion. Maybe the person serving you coffee got your order wrong because they are too worried about a sick child to focus. When I was a young person, I was full of anger and aggression towards both myself and others. Once I started asking why people were doing the things they were, I found that my perspective on life completely changed. When people are doing stupid or mean things, it rarely has anything to do with you. This does not make it right, nor does it mean that you should do nothing. But it is something to keep in mind before you move forward. Do nothing in anger, for anger breeds violence and violence destroys.

Peace be with you and may you know joy.

Compassion. It’s an excellent post that I recommend you read.

High Horse

Black boiling up and rolling over in great oozing and popping waves. FIlmy sludge covers me, that which you exude with your stares. Slimy worm, I hate you! Morals like a hidden treasure and lies oh so quick and smooth like silk against your lips. Read the rest of this entry


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