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Some times, a dream has power. I try to catch those in journals.

Dream Journal 072916

I just recall fragments.

Sitting on bleachers that tip people. 1 or 2 fall down onto a basketball court where people are playing basket ball. THe people who fell are afraid and join the game, playing awkwardly. One player opens his mouth impossibly wide. There is a person up near the bleachers that I know these people are trying to get. I try to get to him to warn him not to go where he is headed. People stop me.


Dream Journal 071416

I was at a strange store that everyone had said was great. I bought a huge bowl of pasta salad. They gave me the price but I didn’t have that much cash so I swiped my card. But a video game came up on the screen and I had to win in order to get the salad. I refused. But they said it wouldn’t complete my purchase. So I Read the rest of this entry

Dream Journal 063016

Had a dream that woke me after only having been asleep for a couple hours. It is vague. But the clear part is just before I woke. I was in an open area, it was dark (lit poorly with torches) and there was debris of broken furniture. Dragon was with me. Our backs were in a corner with a door to our right. A table was in front of us. Read the rest of this entry

Dream Journal 010616

My parents were laying next to each other out in the snow, dressed for the weather. It was like they were on a date. I winter picnic. A blanket spread out and a basket. They were holding hands and looking up at the sky. I was looking out at them from their bed room window. Then I turned and took a monkey statue from one of the shelves. I took it up stairs. I was in the house that I Read the rest of this entry

Dream Journal 121915

I had a really bad dream last night. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. I dreamed that my daughter was taken from her bed room during the night and that the man who took her was beating and raping her. I went after him and was able to restrain him, but only after he had hurt her pretty badly. I magically had a cell phone in my pocket (I never carry a cell phone on my person) and was able to call Read the rest of this entry

Dream Journal 121515

I was getting ready for work in a house that was falling apart. There was a baby crying in the other room. I was trying to look nice because it was a special day a work and I wanted to show my boss that I cared. It seemed like it was taking me forever to get dressed. Black high heels, stockings, skirt. White dress shirt. A touch of make up. Read the rest of this entry

Dream Journal 112515

There was a man lounging in a reclining chair and he was smoking a cigarette with both ends lit, no filter. Had one cherry in his mouth and was smoking on it like this was the normal way to use a cigarette. I took the cigarette from him, broke it in and threw it on the floor. He just grins at me and pulls out another cigarette which he smokes in the same manner. (more…)

Dream Journal

I was in an old brick building. There were a lot of people moving around me and there was a hard rain. A good part of the building was getting flooding so there was water coming down the stairs and puddles all through the place. The building was immense. There were balcony areas that were starting to crumble away beneath the onslaught of the rain. Looking down from the balconies you could see that the building was on a jut of land so that the ocean was on 3 of its sides. The waves raged up over the rocky beach and up against the sides of the building. Read the rest of this entry


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