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And Back Again…

Just like that, vacation is over and I’m back to work. It was a nice vacation. I enjoyed not having an agenda and not having to solve any problems. I did quite a bit of reading. Finished one book and got half way through another. I did some drawing. Got 2 more coloring pages completed. But mostly, I loafed and chatted with the good company around me. The food was great and I didn’t have to cook any of it (which always makes it taste better). The long drive wasn’t even bad. We listened to an audio book. Read the rest of this entry


More med changes. Yay. So, the Topamax is out. Fucking sucks because it was really working, but the side effects were brutal. The Neurontin is increasing. I don’t have a lot of hope that will keep the migraines under control, but we’ll see. I hate med changes. I’m on too many. I feel like going on a med strike and dumping all of them in the trash. But I’m sure that would just lead to a different set of problems. Meh.


I now have the almighty C (and not enough sleep). I can already feel the super powers flowing through me. I shall now be able to conquer the world… Um, yeah. So, I passed my test 🙂 And I now have the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Certification and get to add that C to my signature. Come on, what’s better then tacking on a C? It also means I get a raise for doing the same job which is always nice. But mostly, I’m just glad that the studying is behind me. Now I just need to survive all the over time lined up until the end of May. In June we’re going to visit Monkey’s family for his sister’s graduation. Then in July Monkey and I are going to the OCD conference in San Francisco. I’m super excited about that. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing with my vacation time. I won’t be working as much over time June and July, I don’t think. So, that will be nice. Hell, that’s kind of like getting a vacation unto itself.


Tomorrow is the board cert exam… Incoming C?

I hope so. 0800 in the fucking morning >.< Why can’t there ever be a test time for 0000? Hell, even 2000 would be reasonable. But nope, it’s gotta be at a time when someone should be asleep.


Crickets Chirping…

Crickets Chirping…

Wow, been kinda quiet around here. Sorry about that. Got sucked into the work rabbit hole. I’ve been working 6 (sometimes 7) days a week and when that day off hits I get to play catch up with the personal life. When I get out of work I’ve been a slug lately. I’ve got to get back into the habit of doing things rather then playing video games or watching utube videos…

No Reason

I find it frustrating when people expect there to be a rational reason behind my compulsions. If it was rational it wouldn’t be OCD. I do it because my brain says so. And I pick my battles. If it isn’t something that gets in the way, I let it be. It doesn’t matter that I tap light switches or turn spoons down or change my socks several times a day or check the clock a hundred times a day (yes, literally). These things don’t impair Read the rest of this entry

The Sun is Out… Sort of

It’s day shift. What was I thinking? I really dislike day shift. Yet here I am, at work. Bleh. Taking a break and wondering why I am here. Not really tired and it’s not been a bad morning. But days for me are like staying up late and just aren’t supposed to be the time for doing things. Days are a good time for drooling on one’s self. And no, I’m not drooling. There is sun shine, sort of. I’m sure the sun is out, some where behind those clouds. Either way. It’s too bright. I just don’t know how you day shifters do this all the time!

Laziness Prevails…

I should be studying, but really haven’t done much. I got Scholar Owl’s class stuff up. Slept. Does that count as useful?  And I played some D3. Yeah. Now, I’m going to try to study and do some crochet. Wish me luck.

Worry, Just Because…

The dryer doesn’t work. Ok, I suppose it does. It just screams like a dying banshee when you use it. So, Monkey has been hanging our clothing to dry. I hate it. The fabric is all stiff and scratchy and there is lint all in everything. Then I remind myself that this is really minor shit in life. After all, there are people in the world who don’t have more then one outfit and don’t get clean clothing. Then I scratch at myself and imagine the lint that I know is clinging to me; it’s evil, fuzzy hands Read the rest of this entry

A Little Better…

We found a supplemental dental insurance that has made our portion of Monkey’s dental work substantially less. While it is still expensive, it really takes off a lot of the pressure in trying to figure out how to pay for this. I am relieved because getting it done is super important. So, right now, I am just feeling a floating calm. It’s a pause in things. I am even waiting right now at work. The stillness is nice. I enjoy these moments in life when they come. Islands.

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