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This is what I prentend is structured writing…

Vita Nuova


Written by Dante Alighieri and translated by Mark Musa


I read this because I was curious to read something other then the Inferno. While I enjoyed the poetry and the stories behind each, I feel like the dissection of the poems killed the presentation. While it was interesting to read his perspective on their dissection, it left it feeling like I was reading a text book rather then a book of love poetry. Not something I will read again. It took me so long to read because I had to keep setting it aside for long periods. And it was slow reading on top of that. I’d recommend just getting a collection of his poems without all the other stuff.



Dreams and wishing
part of the woven light
of the human soul
glittering and bright
shaping all we become
a spark to light the fire


flick and fleeting
of everything gone Read the rest of this entry


Every place has its things
Things cannot have a place
They come and go
Then fade away Read the rest of this entry


Friendship is love.
Love is as much a feeling
as an action.
Love it time,
real friends make it.
They just let you
be you.
They help you
be a better person.


Giving thanks,
I stand before thee.
For this life that you gave me,
the husband that I love
and the child that we created.
Grateful, I look at my family. (more…)


i stand by you
but there is nothing that i can do
powerless and afraid
i hold onto you
your decision was made
long before i met you (more…)


you are sleeping
and i listen to you snore.
it is a background to my music,
a comforting rhythm.
constant, (more…)


The past is haunting me
my sins things I can’t let go
your kisses promise me more
but I cannot know
where you will take me
with all your promises (more…)


Touch me and hold me close.
Ignore it, when I push you away.
Give me only a little space.
But don’t let me run away. (more…)


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