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Well, shit. I just noticed that I have a thousand posts on here now. How the hell did that happen? My blog is all grown up now!



Need to clean up the Ambroise Paré post, but I figured I’d get it up there so that Scholar Owl could look it over. But I promise, I will make it more organized and pretty!

Piggie’s Creations

Piggie’s Creations

I have yet another site started… Because I just don’t have enough to do 😛

If you have been following the crochet posts that I have been making, I will not longer be making them on this site. I will now be making all of those posts on this new site. I have a face book page by the same name and want all of my crochet materials to be under the same name. At this point, I am not moving the posts I have already made on this site to the new one. I may at some future date, but it is unlikely.

Xmas Past

Well, the Xmas storm is over. I hope that everyone liked the presents that we got for them and the ones that I made. I hope Dad’s socks and Toadie’s sweater fit! Today, I am making pea soup, which is almost done. Working on figuring out the formatting for posting recipes here on WP so that when I post recipes they will look nicer and be more user friendly. I’ll be posting my pea soup recipe soon. I am listening to chanted Hindu mantras set to music over on Read the rest of this entry


My Nephew, Scholar Owl, is being home schooled my his mom ToadieOdie. She has asked me to do some of the course work which I think will be super fun. Scholar Owl seemed excited about it too. Since I need a place to organize stuff and to share things with ToadieOdie and Scholar Owl, I am going to be posting things related to that course work here. If any of it strikes your interest, feel free to make comments and join the discussion.


I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD which makes more sense to me then the mood disorder NOS and more importantly the treatment has been much more effective. The OCD is still a standing diagnosis. I frequently get asked about these and what they mean. I get asked about the diagnosis in general and how they Read the rest of this entry

Radio Silence…

Well, I’m back. I have written during my absence here, but it has been on paper (gasp). I will be posting those journals here and you will be seeing an influx. I will be starting that process today, but I have no idea how long it will take me to complete and don’t know how much writing I will do while I am working on this. (more…)

Free Writing

So, I have started sharing some of my free writes. I find them to be good exercises that let me just pour my thoughts out. I think not needing to worry about anything but the thoughts. I often end up writing about the same kinds of things that I would write if I were writing a Piggie Update, but those are something with more structure and are aimed at keeping people informed of the important things that (more…)

Writer’s Hallow

So, I just finished getting a new blog set up. It’s Writer’s Hallow. It’s just getting started and I am looking for fellow writers that are interested in working on prompts, exercises and sharing their work for feed back. If you’r interested, go on over and leave me a message that you’d like to be a writer there. 🙂

Posting History

I have been writing in journals and on scraps since I can recall. I’ve been thinking that I need a backup place for these and this seems like a good place for it. This means that there is be spurts of posting on a single day since I will be back dating them for the date that they were actually written (unless I don’t know when that is).


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