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Pink Slime?

It Came From the Media: What Prompted the Ruckus About “Pink Slime”? And Is It Unhealthy? | The Crux | Discover Magazine.

WARNING: Ok, I’m going to assume that you have read the linked article. I’m also going to suggest that you read the internal links in the article and float around the internet on the topic before you really get into the following blog I am writing. The reason that I suggest this is that is what I’ve personally done before arriving at my conclusion and my blog is going to be VERY opinionated and thus very biased. Read the rest of this entry


The Faces of God

I found the material in The Faces of God difficult to understand, but interesting to consider. I have read the material numerous times and still feel that I have only scratched upon the surface of the book’s message. Read the rest of this entry

The Desire to Die: Suicide and Euthanasia in the Elderly

Requests for assisted suicide are not rare. 12% of doctors reported having received at least one such request in the last year (Arnold, 2004). These high requests for death dove tail with the escalating rates of depression, especially in the Elderly. The issue of euthanasia is really an extension of the issues surrounding depression. Arnold’s research (2004) on the desire for death revealed that depression was a critical factor. This research suggests that a shift of focus is needed, if Read the rest of this entry

Butterfly Effect

Even the beat of a butterfly’s wing can change the world…

I look around and see a culture that has fostered fear. We raise our children with paranoid attempts to wrap them in bubble wrap. We harbor delusions that we can protect them from the very world in which they live. We have forgotten Read the rest of this entry

Nature AND Nuture: The Dichotomy of the Human Soul

The Twins

Read the rest of this entry


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