Life has been interesting. Yeah, we’ll go with that. This week just hasn’t been the best time. I spent Sun and Mon being sick with GI funk. Yippies. Because, seriously, who doesn’t like barfing up your toes or shitting until your lips are coming out your asshole? Left work early on Sun and then called out on Mon.

Then I went to work on Tues and everything was status quo.

But then Wed arrived. Went to a doc appointment, feeling fine. Just a routine med appointment. Was checking out, felt a little funny and then next thing I know I am laying on the floor. Not the best place to take a nap. Got shuttled off to the ED for a look over. My potassium was low. Had a sudden heart rate drop. Was a touch dehydrated. So, another round of “we’re not sure why your potassium level dropped and your heart is doing weird things.” Yippies. I love it when the doctor’s answer is “I don’t know.” Now, I understand that people working in health care aren’t some kind of magicians who can wiggle their toes and just produce all the right answers. But it would be nice, just once, for a doc to tell me they knew what the fuck is going on with my body. At least, no one suggested that it was all in my head. That’s what I like the most. That look they give you when they are sure you are just being somatic. I really have come to loathe that look. Because seriously, you are so awesome that if you cannot find a reason for my symptoms, I must be somatic. An almost knee jerk response for some docs when they see that I have a mental health diagnosis. Anyone else ever experience that particular pleasure? So, at least that didn’t happen this week. I just got the “I don’t know.” Which is better then them trying to come up with some convoluted explanation. Honesty is a good thing, even when it isn’t the answer I want to hear.

Doc told me to take two nights off. I was a good patient and did as instructed. After all, I’d really like my heart to last til I’m at least 90. That ate through my hours and I will no longer be getting any over time this week. Well poops. I really wanted to get over time. Better then eating up my PEP time though, so there’s that.

Fun part is the way that everyone freaks out about it. Maybe I’ve just gotten too used to not having an answer. People seem really bothered when I just shrugged and say “I dunno, just happens sometimes.” Sorry, I really have nothing to tell you.

A positive note: Monkey got his driver’s license back this week. So, there was a positive for the week. 🙂


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I am Myself I am a Wife Blessed with love I am a Mother Endowed with divinity Through the power of creation I am a Daughter Brought into this world With unending hope And the promise of the future I am a Sister Made fierce and strong While forged with kindness Protector and protected Spiraling together forever I am a Nurse Holding out the hands of healing And offering the sick comfort And the dying love Knowing that through this All things are healed and made whole I am a Writer Creating myself and world Sharing the inner depths of humanity Bringing together the divine And the humble mortal I tell the story of the Goddess And am remembered forever

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