The Healing Power Of Poop May Surprise You

Source: The Healing Power Of Poop May Surprise You

I read this article a while ago and it has been sitting here in my draft pile forever. Since reading this, I have read numerous reports, articles and research papers on fecal transplants. Hell, I even watched a documentary about it on NetFlix. It’s kind of gross to think about it, but it is a promising area of research. And if we really stopped and thought about the many treatments out there that are already standard practice, we might realize that a lot of them are pretty gross too. 

This area of research is much larger than consideration of fecal transplants. Microbes occupy every part of our bodies. They are an essential part of our health. We have been programmed to think of these as “germs” that are bad and need to be washed away. But this is a dangerous belief. Hand sanitizers and house hold antimicrobial products can’t tell the difference between the good stuff and the bad stuff. Because of this, the microbes essential for good health are being eradicated. And where does that leave us?

The promise of this area of research is helping our bodies restore optimal functioning. I’m not excited about the idea of  a fecal transplant, but I’ll admit that if it could help me loose weight, sleep better, keep my heart rate down and in general improve my sense of well being (letting me throw the meds out the window)I’d do it. What about you?


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