In this digital, socially-networked age, giving has become remarkably easy and convenient. Just click, and we’ve made a contribution we can feel good about. There are plenty of other easy (and fun) ways to feel good about giving, too – from participating in raffles and golf tournaments to running a The post Selfless Giving: How…

via Selfless Giving: How to Do it and Why We Need it — Good News Network

I know I’ve spoken more then once about the way that I feel our technology is stealing our human connections. This is not inherent in the technology, but in the way that we are choosing how to use it. I really agree with what this article has to say. I think it comes back to that human connection and our risk of loosing touch with each other when we allow our gadgets to do everything for us.

My personal experience has been that smaller and more direct involvement in people’s lives go much further in helping them. With all these charities, much of what we donate doesn’t go to the people that we are trying to help. But when you buy blankets and pass them out to the homeless on the street: all of your money and effort reaches the people who need it. Additionally, there is a human connection that benefits both you and the person that you are helping. There are so many things like this that we can do.

If you read nothing else, this is the part of the article I’d want you to walk away with:

Understanding is an important part of actually making the world a better place. For only through understanding discomfort, by experiencing it ourselves, can we fully engage in the process of fomenting change. Fully engaging makes all the difference between truly giving and merely going through the motions.

We must engage with each other and make an effort to understand the experiences that each other are having. Each of us are struggling in our own ways. And each of us need that human connection and understanding.


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