Hey Scholar Owl!

For next week, make sure that you’ve read the “Ambroise Paré: Father of Modern Surgery (version 2)” blog post. Be sure to follow the links for the Hôtel-Dieu, Religious Wars and either of the Italian Wars links. This is going to give you the historical context of Paré’s life.

So, the homework that is due by next week is as follows:

Look at the list of vocabulary and match it with one of the sentences below the list. You can just write the number and then the letter of the corresponding sentence. 🙂



  1. surgery
  2. euthanasia
  3. dogmatic
  4. empirical
  5. diagnostic
  6. palliative
  7. vernacular
  8. asepsis
  9. pathology
  10. autopsy
  11. cauterize
  12. obstetrics
  13. pediatric
  14. amputation
  15. sequestra
  16. putrefaction
  17. gangrene
  18. etiology


A. When Paré replied that they could not be saved, the solider slit their throats.
B. It is necessary to remove the bone fragments before they become necrotic and lead to infection.
C. There are times that nothing can be done.
D. His focus for treatment has been quality of life.
E. They used chemicals to burn away the lesions.
F. She always wanted to care for children.
G. They put in a prosthetic hip.
H. He was known for his compassion.
I. The room was clean for the procedure.
J. Galenic medicine stalled medical progress.
K. The doctors are running tests now; so hopefully we’ll have answers soon.
L. An idiopathy is any disease with an unknown cause.
M. There just wasn’t enough blood flow to the area.
N. I prefer to explain things in every day language.
O. The primary goal is to discover the fundamental cause of cancer.
P. After the accident, he had to go through a lot of therapy to learn how to use the artificial leg.
Q. There was question of the cause of death, so the body was sent to the pathologist.
R. It was exciting when John was born.
S. I just had to test that!
T. Preserving the cadaver is important to prevent it from liquefying.


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  1. Piggy's Student, The Scholar Owl


    A. 2
    B. 15
    C. 2
    D. 6
    E. 11
    F. 13
    G. 1
    H. 6
    I. 8
    J. 3
    K. 5
    L. 18
    N. 7
    O. 18
    P. 4
    Q. 10
    R. 12
    S. 4
    T. 16

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    • Great Job! 🙂 89%
      P should have been 14 and O should have been 9.
      So, what’s the difference between etiology and pathology? It’s pretty subtle. Etiology refers to the many factors coming together to cause an illness. While pathology is the study of the etiology of illness. If you look back to the Galen stuff, pathology was defined as “the science or the study of the origin, nature, and course of diseases.” Make sense?


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