Why “I Am Bipolar” is NOT an Offensive Statement | bpHope – bp Magazine Community

Many people feel that saying “I am bipolar” is an offensive statement. Is there something to those thoughts or is the mental health community just overreacting?

Source: Why “I Am Bipolar” is NOT an Offensive Statement | bpHope – bp Magazine Community

I really cannot agree with this blog post more. I here this debate at work all the time and it really drives me into silent madness. The English language is strange, awkward and quirky. That’s just the way that it is. But trying to get people to reprogram the way that the English language works will do nothing to change the way that they think or feel about mental illness. I’m OCD and I have ADHD. Or maybe it’s I have OCD and I’m ADHD? What about I’m a person living with OCD and ADHD? That makes me feel like there are two weird creatures following me around in my house. How would you even pronounce those names? Maybe we could go with: I am a person diagnosed with OCD and ADHD? For fuck sake. It makes my head hurt. Why does anyone care? Through all that not a single thing changed about me, how I feel about the universe or how anyone thinks about me. Nothing. Not one dight.

 Fighting an enemy that we created is an incredible waste of time, talent, and resources, all of which are in short supply.

And this is something that we created. I cannot see spending so much effort on this. There is so much work that needs to be done to help reduce stigma. I just don’t see how this will change anything in the way that we are viewed. Sure hasn’t made any difference thus far. Only thing I’ve seen change is that people have become more awkward when talking to me about my diagnoses. Bleh. How is making things more awkward going to help anything? We’re making it so people are even less sure how to avoid offending people. Making people walk on egg shells sure isn’t going to get them to open up to a dialogue regarding to these important issues. Shit like this is just distracting.

The bottom line is we we need to stop arguing semantics and focus our collective energy on helping people get well and stay well. We don’t need to change the way people talk about bipolar disorder; we need to change the way they think about it.

I would rather someone compassionately call me crazy then say that I have mental illness with disgust. The words really don’t matter. What matters is the way that people treat each other and the emotions behind the things that we are saying to each other. We need to work on building up our compassion rather then rewording or restructuring the broken, fucked up English we all struggle with.

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