Vesalius Paper

Pick one of the following questions for the topic of your paper. These are from the discussion topics in the Vesalius material as we previously talked about.

  1. Compare and contrast the view on dissection between Galen’s and Vesalius’s eras. How did this change the study of anatomy?
  2. In what ways did art change the study of anatomy? Consider On the Fabric of the Human Body.
  3. Why is empirical observation important and how was this reflected in Vesalius’s work?
  4. Why was On the Fabric of the Human Body so heavily challenged when it was published?
  5. How does Vesalius’s ideas of medical research compare to those of Hippocrates or Galen? (pick either Hippocrates or Galen to compare him to).

References and other sources that are already available to you:

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica
  2. Student Projects
  3. Andreas Vesalius
  6. Science Museum
  7. Understanding Evoultion
  8. Historic Figures
  10. Versalius
  11. Himetop This is a page that links museum pieces related to Vesalius.
  12. De Humani Coropris Fabrica A link to a translation of the Fabrica’s text
  13. Anatomy A site where you can see images from the Fabrica, but not those from the first edition, that link is below.
  14. A link to a flip through digital copy of the Fabrica. It diesn’t let you look at the entire book, but it is still a neat experience to look at it.
  15. University of Cambridge Go check out the 3D model there that is a scan in of Versalius’s Fabrica made for the Emperor
  16. Four Centuries Later
  17. 500th Birthday This is a link to a video talking about Veralius and the legacy he left in medicine.
  18. De humani corporis fabrica libri septem This is a link to a digital copy of the the book that the Linda Hall Library scanned in. It’s really amazing to be able to see what the first edition of the book actually looked like.

Assignment expectations:

  1. At least 1 full page, times new roman font, 12 point font, single space between sentences and paragraphs.
  2. You don’t need your name or a paper title.
  3. You don’t need to indicate which question you’re answering, I should know that from reading your paper.
  4. Be sure to include material from the Vesalius section.
  5. Focus on answering the question and demonstrating an understanding of the material.
  6. The paper can get a total of 100 points.
  7. This is due on 2/15/17 in class.
  8. A late paper will loose 10 points for each day past the due date. The paper will not be accepted past 2/20/17, at which point you will get a zero on the paper.
  9. I will read the paper and review it with you on 2/22/17.
  10. One rewrite will be allowed if you choose to, but any points lost for lateness will still apply to the rewritten paper. The rewritten paper will be due 3/1/17 in class and if not received by that date will not be accepted. If a rewrite is done, the higher of the two paper grades will be the final grade for the paper.

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