Apple sued for not adding safety fix to prevent use of FaceTime while driving — The Guardian

Couple alleges Apple should be held accountable for daughter’s death in car crash with distracted driver, after it patented but never introduced ‘safer’ FaceTime. A couple whose five-year-old daughter was killed after a distracted driver drove into their car is suing Apple for failing to introduce an iPhone safety feature it patented in 2014 to discourage…

via Apple sued for not adding safety fix to prevent use of FaceTime while driving — The Guardian

I’m sure that any of you following me for any amount of time have come to know that I am not a supporter of corporations as a general whole and I will definitely agree that they fail to take responsibility to meet the safety standards that they should. But this time, I stand on the corporation’s side. I don’t care if there was technology that could have prevented the driver from using face time while driving. The cause of the accident was an unsafe and distracted driver, not Apple or the device that the driver was using. We as individuals do need to take personal responsibility for our own lives and our own choices.

Corporations are doing terrible things in this world that they need to be held accountable for, but that doesn’t mean that we can shunt every ounce of responsibility onto them. I sure as fuck don’t want them to shoulder the entire responsibility for my safety and well being. Do you? Consider for a moment what that would look like. The more we demand that these companies and our tech take care of us, the more control and power we give over to them. How much are you ready to give? And for what?

The reality of this case is that there is a possibility of getting money and they are grabbing for it. Nothing more.


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  1. True but I’m more concerned by what it means if they win.


    • Yeah. Who knows where that will go? I’m really tired of people wanted other people to take responsibility. I worry that it means that there will be more regs put into place for companies to put in more “protective” devices. No thanks. Leave me to make my own choices thanks.

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