Taxation is Theft – YouTube

I don’t think that people really stop and think about things. In context of this video: how taxes work and the implications of those taxes. There is little difference in our system now then the one in the era of knights and kings. Things are called something different and things are veiled now. People walk around with illusions about how the system works.


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  1. this video… is depressing… i get upset everytime i think about tax.. but over the yrs, i just give up.. it’s not like we can do anything anyway… so better focus on the happier stuff


    • I just think it is important to really understand what taxes are. And I think that people need to stop fighting about the best ways to be taxed. It’s all fucked up, regardless of how they go about it. I just get so frustrated with the bullshit in the political discussion because most of it is just the art of getting us to fight among ourselves rather then seeing how they are controlling us.


      • i’ve never have any debates abt tax. we just pay quietly here. but i hate being taxed for my things, which is why it u psets me.


      • There are just a lot of things in this country (and it is probably the same else where) that frustrate the shit out of me. I hate the way that the real issues are pushed aside with smoke and mirrors.


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