via Dear Santa, All I want is not to have to buy presents | Eva Wiseman — The Guardian

I couldn’t agree with this post more. I really am reaching the point where I hate Christmas. I find it to be little more than gluttony and a parade of showmanship. Every year I ask people not to get me presents because I really don’t want them to buy me anything. Please, don’t buy me a present just so you can say that you got me something. I’d rather that you didn’t. My feelings won’t be hurt. If you don’t want me to feel forgotten on the holiday: give me a call or stop by to say hello. That will be more meaningful then a present. Why is spending money the only way that a person can show someone that they are valued? I just can’t buy into that.

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  1. I hit that point YEARS ago – first year with my husband actually. 😦 Used to love the act of giving presents before then. But something about that year really killed it for me and I never regained the magic.


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