Being Vague

Right now I am struggling with poor focus. My brain just keeps drifting away, off to some where else. It’s random. My mind is clear and crisp. And then it’s not. The word seeking and expressive aphasia is terrible tonight. I find this frustrating. I’m at work and my job centers around talking; 90% of what I do. Suddenly, I feel like doing my job is a struggle. But people are patient and kind. It bothers me much more then it bothers them. I know this. But I want the words out. Need them out. And they just get stuck in my mouth. Then, just like that, my brain is off again. I feel useless tonight. I’m taking a break. Having some tea. It’s like there is cotton wrapped around my brain.

There are times that the expressive aphasia is more frustrating then any other symptom that I have, including the pain. People are quick to blame this on the medications, but it is actually related to the migraines. It’s can be a struggle to get an idea out of my head. Sometimes I can use a work around. Pick a word that is similar to the one that I wanted or be long winded about it by pretty much giving the word’s definition. But there are other times that the wrong word comes out. It is annoying as shit. The medications keep the pain away, but they haven’t kept away all the other migraine symptoms. I’m not sure that I want to stay on the Topamax. It just might not be worth it. The aura symptoms are far worse for me then the pain. Sigh. This shit sucks balls.

7 types of Migraines


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  1. The brain fog seriously blows with this med, but until the pain from the migraines was gone I was never aware of all the aura symptoms I had. The pain was so constant and so severe that I seriously at times considered drilling holes in my head. Glad I never tried mind you, just saying it was something I thought about. Now I struggle with the other shit but I won’t go back to that pain. If there is another option for you that you can try instead it’s worth looking into. The propanol you were telling me about is a beta blocker and is used for preventing migraines as well. That might be something to check into? I don’t know.


    • I don’t know. I’m going to do some more research. I’m looking into treatment options for the particular type of migraines that I have. I often have migraines without headache. Once I look into all that, I need to meet with my neurologist again and see what she recommends. I’m just feeling like this isn’t the med for me. Mostly because it is making a lot of the aura symptoms I’m having worse rather then better. Bleh. I really hate med changes.

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