How many RPGs have you run without having played it first? It can feel like a chicken and an egg conversation, but obviously someone out there read the book and ran a game without ever having playe…

Source: How Do You Learn? | Gnome Stew – The Game Mastering Blog

I’ve done this whole GM an RPG without playing it first thing. I don’t like to, but in all reality someone has to do it. A game comes out and someone has to be the first person to be the GM for the damn thing. Or your group is interested in an RPG and no one has played it yet. It happens. But I’m really not a good pick for this kind of thing because I’m really not great with rules. I shine in the story telling department. So, for me to GM a system I’ve never played is kinda a bitch. I need a group that is not rule focused to start with. When everyone is trying to learn a new system isn’t a good time to ask a group to not focus on the rules.

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  1. I’m not particularly fond of playing with the rule mongering crowd to begin with. But yeah, I’ve been there ages ago when I first entered the RPG scene.


    • I hate it when people are really focused on the rules because I’m one that is really focused on the story telling. Rule focus isn’t wrong, it’s just about getting a group of people with matching role playing styles and that can be really hard in our area. Sigh…

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